CD-23 Republican Candidate Will Hurd Wants to Slash Benefits for Texas Veterans

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The Koch brothers may have tried to push false attacks against CD-23 Congressman Pete Gallego's record on veterans' issues, but it turns out the candidate who's really going to hurt veterans is Republican Will Hurd.

You may remember Hurd as the SUV enthusiast who beat out former Representative Quico Canseco in the May runoff election to be the Republican candidate for CD-23. Turns out Will Hurd doesn't just want to drive around the 23rd District in his SUV–he supports Republican budget policies that will slash benefits for veterans.

At a Tea Party Forum during the campaign, Hurd said that, “Congress needs to cap federal spending to 'a percentage of GDP- 18% is a good number' because that was the number when the budget was last balanced. 'That would translate to cuts of 16% across the board.'” That includes vital veterans services that are used by thousands of people in CD-23.

Read how Pete Gallego has supported veterans in Congress after the jump. During his time in office, Gallego has made veterans' issues one of his priorities. He's helped acquire federal funding for VA offices in the district, and has held town halls for veterans to address their concerns. He has worked to reduce VA wait times time and time again. Rep. Gallego has been a strong advocate to improve the lives of veterans in his district.

If Hurd's budget plan were passed, drastic cuts would be made to veterans' services. Hurd's plan slashes the budget indiscriminately, without regard for what is being used to help those who have served our country. The budget would cut funding for VA hospitals in the district, and exacerbate the already-existing problems veterans face because of improperly funded VA offices. CD-23 is home to over 46,000 veterans who would be hurt by Will Hurd's plan. Slashing VA services is especially devastating in a district like CD-23, which is geographically spread out, making it tough for veterans to physically access the services they need.

In a statement the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee denounced Will Hurd's proposed budget cuts:

“Will Hurd's dangerous plan would jeopardize life-saving healthcare that West Texas veterans have earned – while refusing to close wasteful tax loopholes exploited by the ultra-wealthy and corporations that ship Texas jobs overseas. Hurd's reckless proposal would endanger critical support for Texas veterans and their families while making the VA crisis even worse – which is just the latest sign that Hurd's dysfunctional politics are out of touch with West Texas' values.”


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  1. This just in: Liberal Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist slams Republican on over-hyped claims of budget cuts to everyone as targeted strikes on various Dem voter groups…

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