League City Council Members To Vote On Resolution That Bans Refugee Children

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Prepare to have your faith in humanity questioned after reading this news.

As the refugee crisis continues to unfold along the border, the hardships these young children are facing is being continued to be made into a political game by conservatives, particularly as means to come up with senseless conspiracy theories and as ways to further criticize President Obama.

But, today, the League City city council may take prejudice against these children to a whole new level. The city council is set to vote on a resolution to keep out these young kids from their community and ban city staff and agencies from setting up any facility to house, process, or shelter children refugees.

Conservative council member Heidi Thiess, pictured on the right, is behind the resolution. “We're sending a message to the feds and the state authorities that you've got to stop this crisis. You've got to manage it. It's getting out of control,” said Thiess.

More below the jump.Thiess claims the resolution is to “protect the health, safety, and security of the residents of League City,” and is riling League City residents to stand behind her.

In her official blog page, the council member refers to the young refugee children as “illegal aliens” being harbored and encouraged by the federal government. “The big government politicians and open border activists have made their true intentions very clear,” writes Thiess. And what exactly are these intentions? According to Thiess, “[t]heir ultimate goal is AMNESTY and wide open borders.”

“Do not sit back and wait for your representatives at any level of government to do this for you, it's like pushing a rope.  By the time you are forced to admit they don't have the guts or are being out-maneuvered by their Legislative leaders, it will be too late.  So do what you can do, where you are at:  your own city,continued Thiess on one such entry. (emphasis her's).

No requests to shelter refugee children has been made by the federal government to League City officials. Thiess authored the resolution because she believes the city needs to take a “preemptive stance” against helping these young children.

“We're a very safe city, here in League City. It's that way because we're proactive,” says Thiess.

League City council members are set to take comments from the public and vote on this resolution today. A similar resolution is also being considered by Galveston county commissioners; although, their resolution proposes to stop further sheltering more children.

I refuse to vilify these young children and refer to them as anything but refugees.

These children are not “invaders,” they're not “illegals,” they're not “aliens.” They are kids. They are young refugees fleeing from extreme violence that has plagued their homes. Drug-related violence our country has helped fueled through our outdated drug policies and illegal drug consumption. Refusing to recognize our role in this crisis will not free us from the moral responsibility we have to give these children refuge. Not until we fix our failed drug policies or change our drug habits.

These children are here because we've practically robbed them of their homes.

The city council members of League City are free to vote on this resolution as their free will commands. But, they are not free of the scrutiny their city will face from the rest of the country if this god-awful ordinance is voted to pass.


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