Texas Republicans Sign Letter Demanding Deportation Of DREAMers

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In their typical Republican behavior, the GOP has pointed fingers and blamed just about everyone when it comes to the influx of refugee children on the border, even coming up with ridiculous conspiracy allegations about the crisis.

But what easier group to gang up against than those who were already here undocumented. Particularly, our young undocumented residents known as DREAMers.

Numerous Texas Republicans have signed onto a House letter by U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), demanding that President Obama terminate his administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Eliminating DACA would once again result in the immediate deportation of young DREAMers.

See which Republicans support the deportation of DREAMers below the jump.The letter blames President Obama for the influx of refugee children crossing the border, highlighting the administration's support for young undocumented residents through policies such as DACA.

DACA, however, does not allow just any undocumented resident to gain legal status. Those that arrived after June 15, 2007, are ineligible for the program. Refugee children crossing the border today are not eligible for DACA. Republicans seem to simply want an excuse to start deporting DREAMers again.

Among the Texas Republicans that signed the letter were:

– Rep. Pete Sessions (Dallas)

– Rep. Blake Farenthold (Corpus Christi)

– Rep. Lamar Smith (San Antonio)

– Rep. Ralph Hall (Rockwall)

– Rep. Roger Williams (Weatherford)

– Rep. Steve Stockman (Friendswood)

DACA has aided over 550,000 young undocumented residents since President Obama first introduced the policy two years ago. It has been one of the administration's most successful policy regarding immigration. Halting the deportation of young people with longstanding ties to the United States — for many, the only country they have ever known — is not just a good policy, but the right thing to do.

It is despicable for Republicans to want to deport these young residents to countries that perhaps once were their birthplaces, but are no longer their real homes.

But what is popular for Republicans today, may not be such a great idea for them in the near future. Case in point: Blake Farenthold.

Shortly after signing Issa's letter, Farenthold told the Corpus Christi Caller Times passing comprehensive immigration reform was simply off the table as a solution to the border crisis.

“[Obama] can get support for either one of those, but if we have to do everything in immigration, that's going to be hard to find a consensus on,” Farenthold said.

Yet, only a couple days later, Farenthold told The Hill getting the House to pass immigration reform inclusive of a pathway to citizenship was “no problem” and “potentially doable.”

So while Republicans continue to flip-flop on immigration, and continue to point fingers and blame everyone but themselves for the current crisis on the border, it is up to Democrats to find real solutions to these issues and once again solve the true problems at hand.  


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Staff writer Omar Araiza covers immigration, Latino voters, the U.S.-Mexico border, and LGBT issues. He is a proud South Texas native, born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Omar tweets from @AraizaTX.

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