Gov. Rick Perry's Idea On How To Fix Refugee Crisis: Threaten And Bully Latin American Countries

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Over the years, Republicans have proposed some seriously bad ideas on how to fix immigration. From building a second border wall to “self-deportation,” it was only a matter of time before Gov. Rick Perry proposed an idea that made even less sense than his fellow Republicans.

In order to stop the influx of refugee children from coming to the U.S., Perry proposed threatening to cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and Central American countries. This, Perry says, is a boycott he would support.

Democrats are calling Perry's idea his “gun slinging foreign policy.”

Statements by Perry and Texas Democrats below the jump.“I would suggest the diplomatic reach with foreign aid to the leaders of those countries,” Perry said on “Fox and Friends.” “And basically say, 'you will engage in stopping this traffic coming up through your country, and if you don't, this foreign aid is going to stop.' That is a boycott I could support.”

House Republicans have wasted no time on this idea.

Led by Rep. Randy Weber (R-Pearland), House Republicans introduced a bill last week called the Illegal Entry Accountability Act, threaten to cut off foreign aid to the countries where the refugee children are coming from, until the influx is fixed. This, of course, done solemnly by those countries' accounts.

Republican logic explained: Cutting off aid to help stop the influx of refugee children will somehow magically result in just that. Gotcha. Got it.

Pres. Obama has reached out to our southern neighbors, proposing programs to improve security and cut down violence. Drug-related violence is one of the main reasons why these children have fled their home countries. Obama's proposal includes $9.6 million in aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, countries where the children are primarily coming from. The aid would help stop these influx.

Perry's and other Republicans' proposal to cut these resources will only make matters much, much worse. But who says logic matters to Republicans, anyway.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Emmanuel Garcia made the statement below:

“Here in Texas we don't turn our backs on our neighbors. For as long as Rick Perry has been governor you'd imagine he would have learned that.  The challenge we face requires a strong commitment to constructive collaboration between local, state, federal and foreign governments.

“Governor Perry took off his boots, now he ought to stop his gun slinging foreign policy.”


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