Open Carry Gun Movement Parodied With Open Carry Guitar Rally

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photo: David Worthington

A group of North Texas musicians chose Independence Day to parody the Open Carry gun movement by holding an Open Carry Guitar Rally. The theme was “Don't Shred On Me,” and led by musician Barry Kooda, supporters, marched and conducted impromptu jam sessions.

Kooda said the rally was in jest, but the idea took off far beyond his expectations, and because of its success the event could even morph into an annual event.

See What Kooda said about Open Carry Texas and how the group responded…“At some point, it finally got to me,” Kooda said to Dallas Morning News reporter Robert Wilonsky. He continued,

“I was like, 'This is stupid,' and I think it's a common thread. A lot of people aren't anti-gun. Guns are OK …At home. And keep them at home unless you're going to a deer lease. This is not something you want to de-sensitize people to. If someone comes in to a movie theater carrying an AK, you want people to be concerned. We're also poking fun at the mentality that it's right for you to carry your long rifle into a Target.”

The Open Carry movement has seen some major setbacks with its practice of carrying long guns in to chain businesses. Initially it was fast food restaurants that one by one banned the group from demonstrating at their establishments but now after a month long campaign by Moms Demand Action even Target has added its name to that list.

Kory Watkins, with Open Carry Tarrant County told CBS DFW,

“They can bear their guitars. I'll bear my guns. My opinion would be, what they're doing is great. It's freedom of speech. They're doing what's within their rights, and I support that.”

Some of the musicians who showed up to rally were veterans and gun owners that don't believe it is necessary to casually carry long guns in public places. One vet who brought his son told CBS DFW, “I'm ex-military so I've had my fill of guns, so I let him play guitar.”

See a lot more pictures at the Facebook event page.

CultureMap Dallas has the “who's who” on what felt like “a local music reunion.”

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