Texas Democrats Push Strong Populist Economic Message

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The 2014 Texas Democratic Party platform includes a strong populist economic message beginning with the title of the section “Good Jobs Build Strong Communities”. It calls for a living wage for all workers without exception unlike current law which allows some like domestic and farm workers to be paid less. The platform also recognizes that low wages are in fact a subsidy to large profitable corporations since too many of their employees qualify for and receive Medicaid and other government benefits.

Tax breaks for corporations that move jobs overseas are called out and this year the platform makes a clear statement opposing Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority especially regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership calling for it to “be made available to the public and that the United States Trade Representative seek meaningful, binding input from civil society, including labor, environmental groups, family farmers, public health and consumer protection organizations.”

More below the jumpAlso of note is the recognition that outrageously high public university tuitions damage our overall economy by leaving our young workers deeply in debt and preventing less well off students from getting a university education at all.

This debt limits their opportunities and damages our economy by delaying home buying, automobile ownership and other major purchases for years. As the cost of education rises, working families are increasingly unable to send their children to college, preventing promising students from getting a higher education.



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