A Focus On Priorities: Leticia Van de Putte Talks About Her Family's Convention Video

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Undeniably, one of the biggest hits and funniest moments of the convention was the video introducing Leticia Van de Putte.

It was funny, and it also reminds us that Van de Putte is herself a hard-working mother and grandmother with the same concerns as regular Texans, and that her own extended family has felt the impact of Republican policies that harm access to healthcare and education.

And you won't believe what our candidate for Lieutenant Governor does to a roast chicken.

Watch the video below the jump and read my interview with Senator Van de Putte about the project and her race for Lieutenant Governor.Here's the video:

As the video makes clear, she will be a Lieutenant Governor who will raise all of our voices.

I caught up with Senator Van de Putte Saturday morning, after she brought down the house Friday night and entertained the crowds at the Lady Bird breakfast earlier that day.

    BOR: Everyone loved the video last night. Can you talk a bit about the fun you guys had as a family making that together?

    Van de Putte: It was so much fun, but we actually just told family come over and pretend it's a Sunday afternoon, because that's what happens — except the only thing that was missing was the dog that sometimes comes through if the kids leave that back door open.

    But it was pretty indicative of what happens: kids running through, everybody preparing food, and then Pete out on the grill and then lounging out. It's what we do as a family. It's chaotic, and it's loving, and it's centered around food and our faith. I wanted to give folks a real picture of what my family looks like, and how we act.

    BOR: Do you think if you can get all of your relatives to bring ten friends to the polls you might turn the tide in this election?

    Van de Putte: All I know is I have to let my Mom loose. Mother is incredible — Mom is working every day. And they hit as many caucuses as I did — we had twenty eight people here. My family divided up and went and visited and talked to people, just like they're doing back home. They understand what's at stake.

    It was a difficult decision, it was a family decision that we made to run, and given the year that we had had last year, I didn't think that they were strong enough, but the family voted, along with Pete and I, and they are on fire. They are so proud and excited.

    Maybe when you do lose so much — we lose the baby and we lost Daddy and we lost Pete's Mom — that you really focus on what the priorities are, and they're really about the future.

    Just like me, they kept hearing the other side and what that offered and our number one fear was, “What if it is Dan Patrick?” and now it is. So now, we're going to work to win.


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