Texas Organizing Project Endorses Wendy Davis for Governor

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On the week commemorating her 11-hour filibuster, Sen. Wendy Davis received a key endorsement from the Texas Organizing Project PAC.

Texas Organizing Project, or TOP, is a statewide grassroots organization working toward improving the lives of low-income and working class families in Texas.

TOP has nearly 50,000 members and supporters.

It was crystal clear to us which candidate truly cares about hardworking Texans,” said TOP community leader Patricia Gonzales. “After the many failures of Rick Perry, and considering that Greg Abbott would simply continue Perry's policies, we need the type of smart, uniting leadership Wendy will provide.”

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Along with TOP's endorsement, the organization will launch voter education and get-out-the-vote programs.

Historically, the group's efforts have been incredibly successful. According to TOP's press release:

An important part of TOP's mission – and one that makes it unique in Texas – is to connect issues affecting hardworking Texans to the ballot box.  TOP has a proven track record of success in electoral politics.  In 2012, TOP's efforts were credited with increasing Hispanic voter turnout in Harris County by five percent. In just the last two years, TOP's membership has grown five times from what it was in 2012. Today, nearly 50,000 TOP members and supporters  work for better communities across Texas, primarily in Harris, Dallas and Bexar counties.

“We don't just endorse; we're ready to get out there and help turn out the vote this November for Wendy Davis,” said Joaquin Guerra, TOP PAC's political director. “Turning out just 15 percent of the more than three million Texans who are registered to vote but historically have not participated would result in a victory for Davis and all working Texans whose interests have been neglected by the past two administrations.”

Issues such as healthcare and immigration will help motivate Texans who have not historically voted in non-presidential elections. TOP has been fighting for Medicaid expansion for the million-plus uninsured Texans who fall into the unfair “coverage gap,” a space occupied by  low-income Texans don't earn enough to qualify for a tax credit in the health insurance marketplace.  Abbott has pledged to continue Perry's policy of rejecting the $100 billion in federal funds available to Texas that would provide coverage to those people.


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