The DNC Bills Ted Cruz and GOP $24 Billion for the Government Shutdown They Orchestrated Last Year

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When the DNC found out Ted Cruz was hosting another secret dinner with Tea Party congressmen, similar to one where they strategized over last year's government shutdown, they decided to bill him and the GOP $24 billion for their last misadventure before they get a chance to rack up another.

When your battle cry equates government to waste, you probably shouldn't do things that cost taxpayers more money. And if you champion the market, you probably shouldn't do anything that will disrupt it to the tune of billions.

Read the letter and see the bill the DNC sent to Cruz below the jump…

Only 25% of Americans thought the government shutdown was a good thing and that correlates with a new New York Times poll that shows Tea Party support at 21%. Ted Cruz is seen as a national leader of their take no prisoners right-wing movement whose political targets range from Democrats to moderate Republicans. They have been able to prove that you don't always have to have the most popular opinion, sometimes you just need the loudest voice.

The same New York Times article that cites the poll is titled, “Support Is Thin for Tea Party, but It Retains Its Muscle” and that about sums it up.

But public support isn't what gives the Tea Party its influence. “The Tea Party isn't about popularity; it's about leverage,” said Theda Skocpol, a professor of government and sociology at Harvard. “And while they're not popular, they've still got a lot of leverage because they participate. They are good citizens who are paying attention. They are revved up. They turn out to vote.”

That is reflected in the NYTs poll as well as the GOP primary results both in Texas and nationally.

“Eighty-one percent of voters who support the Tea Party say they will definitely vote in the 2014 election, compared with 67 percent of voters who don't support the Tea Party.”

So now Cruz is cooking up another batch of political mischief. It is not clear what is on the menu as he calls it an, “off-the-record gathering” but I'm certain he'll be stirring the pot.

See the letter and invoice from the DNC:

Last year when this group gathered for a meal it was in the midst of your needless government shutdown that cost the United States' economy a jaw-dropping $24 billion.

As you and your Tea Party allies from the House gather to plot your next legislative misadventure, we want to make sure you had settled the tab with the American people for your government shutdown.

So before you grab your first slice of pizza and start plotting, kindly pay your bills.


The Democratic National Committee

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