Burnt Orange Report Endorses Gilberto Hinojosa for Texas Democratic Party Chairman

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Burnt Orange Report proudly throws its unanimous support behind Gilberto Hinojosa and urges our delegates to re-elect him to another term as TDP Chairman.

Hinojosa has made great strides to bring the TDP forward through expanding staff, raising funds, increasing transparency and engagement, and working hard to give Texas a Democratic Party we deserve.

Over the past year and a half, the reinvigorated Texas Democratic Party has been at the forefront of efforts to make Texas a more competitive state in statewide and down-ballot elections, and played a crucial role in amassing support last summer during the special sessions. This vigor and energy is due in large part to the tone set by the Chairman and enthusiasm he brings to his job.

Read more about what Hinojosa has done at the TDP below the jump, and check out our staff photo in support of the Chairman!When Hinojosa first ran back in 2012, this blog published a lengthy three-part interview with the candidate that made clear his commitment to bringing campaign and organizing best practices to Texas and left no doubt about his deep, emotional commitment to our shared Democratic ideals. (That interview merits a re-read if you haven't seen in two years or missed it then.)

Since his election in 2012, Hinojosa has led a state party that has sharpened its messaging, expanded its staff, and engaged activists across the state in meaningful work.

Messaging is sharp, consistent, and on point. Rarely does a day go by without the TDP responding to the latest Republican insanity with a hard-hitting press statement from the Chairman or another staffer. Digital rapid response has also picked up under Hinojosa, and comes with an expanded sense of humor and ability to engage disaffected Texans in why the political process is so important.

The TDP has also expanded its political staff, putting organizers and operatives in offices around the state where they can work more closely with county parties and local races to ensure that the necessary work is being done, and being supported by the state party. They have also increased trainings in number and geographic diversity, and also started moving SDEC meetings around the state to both show off our beautiful cities and raise the profile of local electeds in those areas.

It is also important to note the work the TDP is doing to become an even more sustainable organization funded by grassroots and small-dollar recurring donations. The strong digital engagement last summer resulted in tremendous growth for the TDP's email list, which in turn has resulted in stronger fundraising — and that's crucial to the long-term viability of our state party.

Hinojosa has made good on his promises when running, and is leading a reinvigorated state party that is making great strides to turn around the electoral fate of Democrats in Texas.

Burnt Orange Report unanimously and enthusiastically endorses Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa to election as head of the TDP and encourages all delegates to the 2014 State Convention to support him.

Burnt Orange Report staffers proudly endorse the man with the mustache, Gilberto Hinojosa.


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