Democrat Leigh Bailey Receives Planned Parenthood's Endorsement to Replace Dan Branch in HD-108

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HD-108, which represents the northern part of Dallas, has been represented by Dan Branch for over a decade. Now that he has moved on to seeking higher office, his seat is open for the taking.

Democrat Leigh Bailey is running to replace Branch. A business leader and community activist, she is one of several strong progressive female candidates running for the Legislature. She's facing the winner of the May 27 Republican runoff, Morgan Meyer, a man who proudly flaunts his endorsements from the National Rifle Association and Texas Right to Life, and supports HB 2.

Bailey has some strong supporters on her side–she's already been endorsed by Annie's List and several prominent Democrats in the State House. Now she can add yet another endorsement to the list–Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, the Texas-based advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood.

This is an important endorsement that will help provide Leigh Bailey with the resources and support she needs to succeed.

Read the endorsement and Leigh Bailey's response after the jump.In the endorsement, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes' Executive Director Yvonne Gutierrez praised Bailey's commitment to protecting Texas women's right to access the healthcare they need:

“Planned Parenthood Texas Votes is proud to endorse Leigh Bailey in her candidacy for House District 108. Leigh will be a fighter for Texas women, and will work to protect Texas women's rights and access to health care.

Bailey responded by reaffirming her dedication to standing up for the needs of Texas women:

Planned Parenthood has been a longtime advocate for women's health and reproductive rights and I'm honored to receive their endorsement. A woman's decision about her health should be between her, her doctor, her partner, and her faith – not a politician.

Between Annie's List and Planned Parenthood, Leigh Bailey's endorsements show that progressive women's organizations are recognizing that she is the best candidate to protect the interests of Texas women in the State House. The new endorsement provides additional momentum to move her campaign forward.

Texas women are stepping forward to reclaim the Legislature and major statewide offices. Dan Branch is one of the most anti-woman candidates on the Republican ticket, and Texas Democrats should work to not only make sure that he is defeated by Leticia Van de Putte, but that his former House seat is taken back by another progressive woman–Leigh Bailey.  


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