Watch: Rick Perry Can't Defend Remarks Comparing Gays To Alcoholics, Support For Reparative Therapy

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Governor Rick Perry is at it once more, this time appearing on CNBC attempting to clarify his remarks last week comparing being gay to alcoholism. In all of his typical Rick Perry absurdity, it seems like Perry didn't actually prepare a response for the interview.

“Squawk Box” host Joe Kernan, a CNBC anchor, expressed feeling offended by Perry's remarks: “I have a really high bar for what I would take offense to, but that would exceed the bar for me on being an offensive comment,” Kernan told Perry. “I don't think gay marriage leads to cirrhosis of the liver or domestic violence or DWIs. I don't understand how that's similar.”

Perry tried to distance himself from his previous comments by talking about state's rights. Kernan, however, wasn't going to let Perry stray off-course that easily. He continued to press Perry on his views — and those shared by other Texas Republicans — that being gay is a “choice.” The Texas Republican Party is even advocating support for gay “reparative therapy” in this year's party platform.

“In terms of changing the behavior of someone, you wouldn't think that someone who's heterosexual that you couldn't change them into a homosexual, or if someone who's homosexual, you don't think there should be therapy to change them into a heterosexual?” asked Kernan.

Perry didn't know how to answer Kernan.

Watch the interview below the jump.

“I don't know,” said Perry. “The fact is we'll leave that to the psychologists and the doctors.”

“Well, the psychologists, they've already weighed in,” Kernan responded back. “They've dismissed the idea that sexual orientation is a mental disorder.”

“If you were to run again, you would not — there are upstanding gay couples, good citizens that are good parents, and you would agree with that,” continued Kernan. “And these are people that are going to be with us forever. It just seems like the Republican Party is going to be forever behind the curve on issues like this, and it doesn't help the party win elections.”


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