Two Debates Between Greg Abbott And Wendy Davis Now Scheduled

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State Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott have agreed to debate in Dallas and McAllen as part of their gubernatorial race.

Their first debate, which is scheduled in Dallas on September 30, will be hosted by WFAA-TV's Victory Park Studio and The Texas Tribune.

Aside from these two locations, Wendy Davis has accepted various other invitations for debates in major cities across Texas. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott continues to decline these same proposals and refuses to defend his record in front of voters throughout the state.

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The second debate in McAllen will be hosted by The Monitor and The Texas Tribune. Although the location has been agreed upon by both candidates, an exact date is still being determined. While in the Rio Grande Valley last weekend, Davis proposed moving the debate in McAllen from September to June.

“We need to go all over the state and assure people who are going to make a big decision in November are sure about who they are voting for,” said Davis in the Valley. “What the differences are between us and what it is that we will offer them if we are elected.”

“We asked to be a voice for people in every community of 27 million people who live here. We don't ask only to serve two communities and of course right now he is wanting to limit debates to that.”

Last week, Davis proposed a six debate schedule between her and Greg Abbott. In order to connect with voters throughout the state, the debates would be held in major cities across Texas, and would include two town-hall forums and an English/Spanish simulcast.

Abbott, afraid to defend his record, quickly declined.

This hasn't stopped Wendy Davis from accepting debate invitations from organizations in San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, and El Paso. Below is the press release sent by Davis' campaign with details of the proposed locations:  

Wendy Davis Accepts Six Debate Invitations Throughout Texas

Fort Worth – Today, the Wendy R. Davis campaign released the following statement after accepting six debate invitations that reflect her debate challenge to Attorney General Abbott last week. After Davis issued the challenge, her campaign received numerous invitations from organizations asking both candidates to participate in debates in their communities.

“In an effort to ensure that all Texans – not just a select few – have the opportunity to hear directly from both candidates, Wendy Davis has accepted six debate invitations in communities throughout the state. Texas is the second largest state in the country and these six debates will give more people an opportunity to hear a lively exchange of ideas on the critical issues of the day, including giving our kids a 21st century education and an economy built with the jobs of tomorrow.”

Debate Invitations Accepted:

Rio Grande Valley: The Monitor/KGBT/KLTM; Sept. 15 or 16 (Dates proposed)

Houston: Texas Municipal League, Oct. 3 – (Out of respect for the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the debate will take place at noon before sundown)

Dallas-Fort Worth: WFAA, Date TBD

San Antonio (Proposed Location): Univision, Oct. 14

Lubbock: KLBK, Date TBD

El Paso: Coronado High School student organization WE(FillTheBlank) in partnership with El Paso Times & KVIA, Date TBD

The Davis campaign has accepted the Rio Grande Valley debate with The Monitor but has proposed alternate dates as September 19 – the date originally proposed – conflicts with the Texas Tribune Festival. Additionally, the Davis campaign has suggested the format be changed to a town hall.

The Davis campaign has received a number of additional debate invitations throughout the state beyond the six debates Davis has committed to in accordance with her proposal. The campaign is open to discussing participating in these debates as well if Greg Abbott would be willing.



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