Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte Host Pachanga in McAllen

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This weekend, Sen. Wendy Davis held her first campaign “pachanga,” or dance, in McAllen along with Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

Both candidates spoke to the crowd of more than 200 Rio Grande Valley supporters and asked them to rally together to put Democrats in statewide office.

“I want to fight alongside you and every other hardworking Texan to guarantee opportunities to our children regardless of age, regardless of race, regardless of gender,” said Davis.

Read more about the Pachanga after the jump.The Memorial Day weekend Pachanga was held about two weeks after the Wendy Davis campaign opened a campaign office in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the Rio Grade Guardian, Davis addressed border security, trade, education, and the DREAM Act during her speech to supporters:

“It seems like many of the folks that are on the Republican ticket right now, when they talk about our border communities, they only talk about security and of course he rolled out a border security plan while he was in Dallas,” Davis said, referring to Greg Abbott, her Republican opponent in the gubernatorial race.

“Mr. Abbott did not even have the respect of being in the community while he talked about it. He referred to this area as Third World. The people I have met with and talked to, in the security world, the sheriffs, law enforcement officers, they know best what they need in their communities and I trust them to create a plan that serves.

“But, more importantly, I understand the symbiotic relationship between Mexico and our state and the importance of that relationship to our communities. We need to give more support to keep our ports of entry open and goods transferring back and forth more easily so we can continue that strong economic partnership that we have with Mexico and this is something I hope to achieve.”

Photo courtesy of The Monitor.


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