Calling Julian Castro an “All Star,” President Obama Nominates San Antonio's Mayor to Cabinet

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After much speculation, President Obama officially nominated San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to a cabinet position on Friday. Calling Castro an “all star,” and a “proven leader,” Obama said the most important thing Castro would bring to the cabinet position is “huge heart.”

This is not the first time Castro has been tapped by the administration for a cabinet position – but this time, Castro accepted the nomination to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  

More on the important nomination for this Texan star below the jump.Many in the democratic community openly speculated what Castro's next move would be after he easily won his thid term as mayor. Before Wendy Davis became the presumptive nominee for the gubernatorial race, Castro was thought to be a contender for the statewide office. More recently, Hillary Clinton was asked whether she would consider him as a Vice Presidential pick – something that doesn't seem too out of the realm of possibility, especially with his new nomination for a position with the administration.

When accepting the nomination, Castro acknowledged his roots:

Just because you are of modest means does not mean that your aspirations or your opportunity ought to be limited, and it certainly means you can have the talent to succeed and achieve the American Dream.

Castro's twin, United States Congressman Joaquin Castro, issued a statement congratulating his brother,

As a brother, I am proud and excited for Julian on his appointment as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Under Julian's leadership, San Antonio became known as a 'city on the rise.' His visionary SA2020 plan led to a healthier, more educated, and prosperous city.

Over the past few years, the city has gone through an economic and housing renaissance to become one of the fastest growing in the nation. During his time as mayor, Julian has worked with everyone-Democrats, Republicans, and Independents-to get things done for San Antonio. I am confident he will work in the same way to achieve great things for our nation.

The President and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez, added that he is a “visionary leader,” and commended his work on housing as mayor of San Antonio. He continued,

Mayor Castro is not only an exemplary leader within the Hispanic community, but by all measure, a well-suited candidate to lead the department. With great consistency, Mayor Castro has set aside political partisanship in the name of good policy decision making. We hope his confirmation process will proceed with that same collaborative spirit.

Whether his confirmation will go smoothly is another story, but Texan democrats already know that Julian Castro is indeed a rising star. If confirmed, Castro will have to leave in the middle of his term as mayor, and it will be up to the other city councilmembers to choose who will fill his role for the remainder of his time in office.  


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