Friday Wrap: Wendy Davis Meets Tami Taylor, RIP Mac, and More….

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It's Friday, time to report on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

First up this week, a sequel to the tiny hamster burrito video we showed you a few weeks back. Because pizza.

Below the jump, see Anderson Cooper blast that Dallas talk show host, catch up on the latest Jeopardy wizard, and more…

A sad day at the Houston Zoo: Mac, one of the original ten chimpanzees to come to Houston in 2010, passed away during a regularly scheduled veterinary checkup. Mac brought stability to the chimpanzee family. Director Rick Barongi said: “We've never had a chimp pass away here on site according to my knowledge. It's quite a loss to the zoo family.” Houston Zoo will have counselors on site for the keepers as they mourn the loss. Mac was 20.

-Joseph Vogas


My boyfriend, Anderson Cooper, puts on blast massive hypocrite and homophobic Dallas morning talk show host, Amy Kushnir, on this week's RidicuList.

-Omar Araiza



-Katherine Haenschen


This week, Julia Collins won her 12th consecutive game of Jeopardy, making her the game show's most successful woman, and the third-winningest Jeopardy contestant of all time. She's behind only David Madden (19 wins) and Ken Jennings (74 wins). Julia's winning streak is still going strong, proving that women have what it takes to be boss at Jeopardy too.

-Katie Singh


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