Celebrate Wendy Davis' Birthday With A Weekend of Action

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Texas Democrats are preparing to deliver an incredible birthday present to Senator Wendy Davis by organizing a weekend of action all over the state. Allied groups comprising over 1,000 volunteers are planning over 100 events that will include house parties, phone calls, block walks, and voter registration drives.

Today on a press call Jenn Brown, Executive Director of Battleground Texas said the group has made over 1,000,000 calls for Wendy Davis for Governor since their efforts began.

The press call also included Zac Petkanas, Davis' Campaign Communications Director, Grace Garcia, Executive Director of Annie's List, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, HDCC Chairman Roberto Alonzo, and Travis County Democratic Party Chairwoman Jan Soifer, with each expressing excitement and support for this weekends events.

Find out how you can join the action and who said what below the jump…The theme of the hour was that Wendy Davis is fighting for all Texans, while Greg Abbott, an insider, is fighting on behalf of other insiders. This can best be exemplified by the CPRIT scandal that saw $42 million in taxpayer money go to donors of the Attorney General while he held a seat on the “oversight” committee.

Another glaring example is on education policy. Wendy Davis is advocates for high quality education including pre-K for all Texas students while Abbott wants to propose a pilot program that will pick and choose which students receive that benefit based on standardized tests. In 2011 Wendy Davis filibustered the $5.4 billion cuts to education and to this day as Attorney General Greg Abbott is still defending them in court.

Wendy Davis also fought to pass equal pay legislation last session that was eventually vetoed by Governor Perry. That issue is popular with a majority a Texans, and still Abbott said given the chance he would have vetoed it as well.

“We know the doors to knock, we know the phones to call, and we know the messages that resonate.” — Zac Petkanas, Communications Director for the Wendy Davis campaign

“Here in Travis County we are seeing our diverse communities come together like never before.” — Jan Soifer, Travis County Democratic Party Chairwoman

“The enthusiasm among Democratic activists is the highest I've ever seen it, even higher than when Ann [Richards] ran in 1990.” — Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chairman

People recognize what is at stake here, it is not about politics…it's about turning things around in this state, it's about public education and trying to bring it back as a priority in this state unlike what Republicans have done. It's about ensuring the $100 billion dollars that Republicans are sending back to other parts of the country for medicaid coverage are actually spend in Texas to provide critical health care to millions of citizens that have been denied that health care, but also the the creation of 100s of thousands of jobs that will occur as a result of allowing the Medicaid money to be spent in Texas. — Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chairman

The key word here is momentum.” – Rep. Roberto Alonzo

Our state rep members are engaged in a way that really hasn't happened before. It's really unprecedented the energy we are seeing from our elected officials. Our members are so inspired by all the time and effort that volunteers are donating to the Davis campaign that many are jumping at the opportunity to be a part of this weekend of action. – Rep. Roberto Alonzo

The two women at the top of the ticket have motivated and energized Texas women. Women are engaged in numbers i never thought possible and that number continues to grow everyday. — Grace Garcia

Sign up to join an event in your community during this weekend of action.

Wish Wendy a happy birthday by signing the card here.

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