SD-4: GOP State Reps. Brandon Creighton and Steve Toth Advance in Special Election

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The four candidates running in SD-4 special election. Photo via Texas Tribune

On Saturday, the only partisan election on the ballot throughout Texas was the special election to replace State Senator Tommy Williams. When filing closed in March, four candidates, all Republicans, filed to replace Sen. Williams who resigned to take a job as vice chancellor of federal and state relations at the Texas A&M University System. All four candidates were from Montgomery County: State Representative Brandon Creighton, State Representative Steve Toth, former State Senator Michael Galloway, and businessman Gordy Bunch.

The results gave Rep. Creighton a clear lead throughout the night, and while he led in all counties, he was never able to clear the necessary 50% to avoid a runoff. While Bunch had a narrow second place lead early in the night, Rep. Toth leapfrogged him as Montgomery County began to report. Toth was considered the most extreme of the four Republicans running in this election. Creighton and Toth will square off again in a runoff later this summer.

Texas Election Source tweeted that of the 9 special elections for Texas Senate held since 2001, this one ranked seventh in turnout.

Check below the jump for the election returns, including a county by county breakdown.SD-4, Entire District

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 45.18% 13,705
Toth 23.71% 7,193
Bunch 21.80% 6,612
Galloway 9.29% 2,818

SD-4, Chambers County

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 55.63% 661
Toth 14.05% 167
Bunch 14.05% 167
Galloway 16.24% 193

SD-4, Galveston County

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 61.19% 41
Toth 13.43% 9
Bunch 11.94% 8
Galloway 13.43% 9

SD-4, Harris County

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 49.67% 2,009
Toth 17.08% 691
Bunch 21.48% 869
Galloway 11.74% 475

SD-4, Jefferson County

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 36.18% 2,058
Toth 18.63% 1,060
Bunch 31.43% 1,788
Galloway 13.74% 782

SD-4, Montgomery County

Candidate Percentage Vote Total
Creighton 46.20% 8,936
Toth 27.22% 5,266
Bunch 19.54% 3,780
Galloway 7.02% 1,359

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