Jerry Patterson Endorses David Dewhurst over Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor

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A boost for Dewhurst, but with three weeks remaining, the calvary may have arrived too late

It's not a secret: Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson does not like State Senator Dan Patrick.  All the way back in early March, shortly after failing to win a runoff slot in the race for Lieutenant Governor, Patterson said:

“He will wholly be bad for Texas, bad for the Republican Party. We have two choices, and I will categorically tell you I'm not voting for Dan Patrick either in the primary or the general election. I'll vote Libertarian in November if I have to.”

It is currently forecast that Patterson will be voting Libertarian in November 2014.

At the time, Patterson was not sure if he would endorse the incumbent, David Dewhurst, the man he was challenging over Patrick. Over this weekend, however, Patterson decided to solidify his opposition to Dan Patrick by endorsing Dewhurst for re-election, with just over three weeks remaining until the runoff concludes.

Read how Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst welcomed his new surrogate and see what negative mud he decided to throw at Dan Patrick in his endorsement after the jump.David Dewhurst's press release read as follows:

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst Statement On Jerry Patterson Endorsement

AUSTIN – Lt. Governor David Dewhurst made the following statement in response to Texas Land Commissioner, USMC veteran and former opponent Jerry Patterson endorsing his candidacy for re-election as Lieutenant Governor:

“If we know one thing about Jerry Patterson is that he speaks his mind, regardless of the consequences. To win the endorsement of a fellow veteran and public servant after such a tough primary battle is a real honor that strengthens my resolve to keep fighting for what's right.” – Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst

Jerry Patterson gave the following quote to North Texas' KERA News:

“It is a very clear choice. We have a person who has consistently proven to be unable to tell the truth versus one who has had some hiccups along the way but is a substantially better choice for lieutenant governor than somebody [Patrick] who has a history of not being able to tell the truth.”

Patterson went on to tip his hat as to how he felt he could be most helpful to the Dewhurst campaign:

“I talk to David frequently, I'm helping on some opposition research that I've had.  I found out some things and was not able to use that information, didn't have time to do so, and so I'm helping now and will continue to do so.”

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