HD-76: Cesar Blanco Leads in Runoff Poll, Norma Chavez Responds with Disgusting Attack

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Democrat Cesar Blanco is well-positioned to be the next Representative for HD-76

In one of two Democratic State House primaries going to a runoff, a new poll by Hamilton Campaigns finds newcomer Cesar Blanco in great position to win over former Representative Norma Chavez. District 76, based in El Paso, is currently represented by Naomi Gonzalez who just started her 15 day sentence in jail for DWI last year. On election night, Blanco finished in first place with 36.25%, followed by Chavez with 32.93%, and Gonzalez being eliminated with 30.80%.

Among voters likely to vote in March 27 runoff, the poll found Blanco would lead with 47% to Chavez's 39%. Among all voters, Blanco had a much more narrow lead of 43% to 41% over Chavez. The gap narrows among all voters because Norma Chavez is a name and brand better recognized among the larger, less attentive electorate than those who are following the runoff closely and are more likely to participate in the election.

Cesar Blanco, a former Chief of Staff for Rep. Pete Gallego, has been earning progressive and establishment support through his campaign, including State Sen. José Rodríguez, Reps. Joe Moody and Mary Gonzalez, and Burnt Orange Report.

However, Norma Chavez has responded to this poll with a tone no Democrat should tolerate or find appropriate. Read what she said and how Cesar Blanco responded after the jump.When asked for for a quote about the poll from the El Paso Times, Chavez answered

“I moved up 10 points already to his three and haven't spent a dime. This means he is going to hit me just like he hit Rep. Naomi Gonzalez. Cesar has already proved that he hits girls.”

When given a chance to respond, Chavez brushed it off:

“Those are calculated words that a politician uses.”

Blanco responded forcefully to this inappropriate language:

“I thought this was supposed to be the new Norma, but it sounds a lot like the old Norma – she thinks it's all about her. The poll for us was another way of listening to voters, and it's clear El Paso is ready to turn the page and start anew with leaders who will put our kids before themselves.”

Chavez's full, prepared press release, complete with “loserspeak” reads as follows:

New Poll Shows Norma Chávez Closing Gap

Says Opponent Spinning Poll, Preparing to Launch Negative Attacks


EL PASO, TX-On Tuesday, Norma Chávez, Democratic candidate for Texas House District 76, responded to a poll released by her opponent's campaign.

“This poll indicates we're closing the gap,” said Norma Chávez. “El Pasoans are beginning to see the difference between my history of effective leadership and what my opponent says on the campaign trail,” said Chávez.

An internal poll made public by political newcomer Cesar Blanco shows a positive gain of nearly ten points for Norma Chávez. The poll was conducted by Washington D.C. based Hamilton Strategies.

“Voters aren't impressed with glossy photos and slick television ads,” said Chávez. “I'm running a grassroots campaign funded with small donations. My opponent financed his campaign with big money from outside of El Paso. 47% of Cesar's primary campaign was funded from a single Houston attorney,” Chávez continued.

Chávez, if re-elected, would retain her legislative seniority built upon fourteen years of leadership at the State Capitol.

“I've been around aspiring politicians for a long time,” said Chávez. “Internal polls are almost always released shortly before a volley of negative attacks is launched,” concluded Chávez.

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