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In A Race Between "Common Sense and Extremism," Leticia Van de Putte Gets Two Key Endorsements

by: Genevieve Cato

Tue May 06, 2014 at 04:30 PM CDT

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Leticia Van de Putte continues to build momentum towards the election in November. While the two possible nominees for the GOP ticket continue to duke it out in the public arena, Van de Putte is free to travel the state talking to voters and to use her counterparts' exchanges as further proof that she is the best candidate for the job.  

On top of being called the best hope for turning Texas purple, Van de Putte continues to rack up support among key groups and organizations as she gears up for the general election.

Find out about two key endorsements Van de Putte received below the jump.

This past week, Van de Putte received two endorsements to add to her already lengthy list of supporters. The Latino Fund, which was founded by Eva Longoria and Democratic National Committee Finance Director Henry Munoz III, endorsed Van de Putte yesterday. The organization was founded to address the dearth of representation for Latino voters in the United States. Referring to the numbers of Latino and Latina representatives in office, Longoria said,"These numbers clearly aren't representative of today's American landscape. And we want a political landscape to match those identities." Upon receiving the endorsement, Van de Putte released this statement:

Latinos are a vibrant part of Texas' history and culture. While the demographics of Texas are changing, Latino voter turnout remains low. I'm honored to receive the endorsement of the Latino Victory Fund, whose focus is to increase political engagement among Latino families.

This endorsement follows one from Democracy for America that came at the end of April. DFA called the Lieutenant Governor's race a battle between "common sense and extremism," and pointed out that while Van de Putte may not be as well known as Wendy Davis, she is just as critical in ensuring Texas' future.

Focusing on the need to elect a strong team to stem the tide of Republican extremism in Texas, the endorsement from DFA pointed to the troubling conservative backgrounds of Republican nominees for both Governor and Lieutenant Governor as reasons Van de Putte needs all the support she can get this November:  

Attorney General Greg Abbott is Wendy's opponent and has a record even more extreme than that of current Texas Governor Rick Perry. Abbott has led the fight to restrict voting rights as well as women's rights. He has sued President Obama nearly 30 times, including the lawsuit against Obamacare that was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is the likely GOP nominee that Leticia will face this fall. His record is just as extreme as Abbott's. Last fall he told a Tea Party meeting in Fort Worth that "Barack Obama ought to be impeached" and cited Obamacare as one of his reasons.

Both Abbott and Dewhurst have also urged Texas to follow the lead of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in refusing to acknowledge federal control over federally owned grazing lands. That's the kind of dangerous rhetoric that we need to stop.

Both endorsements focus on Van de Putte's ability to be a representative who does just that - represents the true beliefs, desires, and diversity of voters in our state. This year is incredibly important for the direction of our state, and in a statement for DFA, Howard Dean acknowledge that:  

Texas faces a choice this fall between common sense and extremism. I'm standing with Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte as they work to return their state's government to the people.

These key endorsements are not Van de Putte's first, and as she continues on the path to the general election in November, it is sure they won't be her last.  

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Two liberal organizations endorse the only Democrat in the race. What is the world coming to?

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