What's Up With Dan Patrick's Social Media?

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State Senator and leading candidate for Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, has been trying to soften his image on immigration in anticipation of a November election and that is likely why you won't find the image to the right featured on his campaign site anymore. However, as of today the picture is still being hosted there which you can find here.

That leads to the question, “what's up with Dan Patrick's social media?” The firebrand Senator has made a number of other high profile mistakes. On a blogger conference call last year the Senator said he does about 90% of his own tweets, yet earlier this year he blamed at least one major faux pas on an intern, then jokingly suggested they were fired.

Behind some of Patrick's online efforts is Harris Media, which also did work for Ted Cruz in his defeat of Dewhurst in 2012. So with so much experience in such a high stakes race, it's interesting to see so many basic mistakes that have moved the conversation from the message to the messenger.

See some past “Oops” moments from the Patrick campaign below the jump…Patrick's website doesn't feature a typical “issues” section but it won't take more than a few seconds to realize what his top concern is in all caps, “PASS STRONG BORDER SECURITY AND SANCTUARY CITY LEGISLATION.” When you click the link it takes you to a page that lists all the things he plans to do to make “illegals” feel uncomfortable in Texas including: “end instate tuition for illegal immigrants,” “prohibit sanctuary cities,” “protect the ability of law enforcement to inquire about the status of someone in custody,” etc.

Also on the page is a featured gallery of captioned photos that Patrick apparently took on a visit to the border. One photo said, “The federal government has installed these rescue beacons along popular routes for illegal immigrants to protect them. Are you surprised to see the Chinese language on here?” Another asked, “This is an Urdu dictionary found by border volunteers that was dropped by a human smuggler. It is concerning that Mexican coyotes are learning Urdu in order to smuggle illegal immigrants?” In both cases the question seems more odd than the actual subject matter.

Last month the Dewhurst campaign highlighted a facebook post by Patrick praising Dewhurst and defending against the “moderate” label. Patrick's campaign deleted the post, then reposted with Patrick himself saying that no one got his permission to delete it in the first place — there goes another intern. Patrick should have listened to whomever deleted it because when it was reposted that put it directly back into the newsfeeds of Patrick's more than 117,000 facebook followers.

Lt. Governor Dewhurst has been criticized as a moderate by his opponents and by several Washington groups. We asked him respond.

Dewhurst was as animated and fiery as I have ever heard him. He pointed out that his record was the same as Rick Perry's and mine…

and concludes with:

Voters will make their own final decision, but the facts are facts. In this case the facts simply don't support the charge that he is a moderate, no matter how many times they are made.

That must have been pretty confusing to his supporters after spending so much time and money lately painting Dewhurst as a “liberal.” Patrick has updated his buzzfeed-styled “Dewfeed.com” to include a quiz that concludes Dewhurst shares Mayor Julian's “liberal” policies on immigration.

But, Immigration isn't the only issue where Patrick has made repeated blunders. It seems poetic that he just can't get the traditional marriage theme down. Back in January he issued a press release condemning Houston Mayor Annise Parker's same-sex marriage calling himself the “authentic conservation candidate.” I guess he's implying that he is conserving “traditional marriage?” It must also have been intentional since it has not been corrected — at least as of the publishing of this post.

Then there was the national news making tweet of, “MARRIAGE = ONE & ONE MAN.” Patrick later tweeted, “We have a new job opening on our campaign: social media intern,” which his campaign spokesperson said was an attempt to make light of the mistake, but that no one had actually been fired.

Let's not also forget it was Allen Blakemore, one of Patrick's “senior strategists,” who admitted that it was his bookkeeper who created the now defunct Boats and Hoes PAC.

Patrick is continuing to drum up his base by using the term “illegals” in his online campaign, but you can see he no longer says “Stop the Illegal Invasion,” and the fence climbers have miraculously disappeared. But, just like the old image is still hosted on his website, the real message hasn't changed.


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