Greg Abbott Can't Find a School He's Not Fighting in Court to Host His Education Events

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When you're fighting 600 school districts in court, it's hard to find a school to use for a campaign stop.

Greg Abbott is learning this lesson the hard way. Last week, Abbott chose to discuss education at a school in Spring Branch ISD, which is suing the state over cuts that have cost the district 118 jobs. Spring Branch ISD is one of hundreds of school districts suing the state over $5.4 billion in cuts to education – cuts that Greg Abbott is defending more aggressively than his position requires.

This week, Abbott selected a second school from the pool of schools involved in the lawsuit for another campaign stop – Lubbock High School in the Lubbock School District. Lubbock ISD has had to close three schools and cut 87 jobs as a result of the funding cuts Abbott is defending.

Abbott ended up canceling the event, purportedly because his plane couldn't land due to wind. But there are questions about whether the weather was really the cause for the cancelation.

There's more after the jump.  Some are suggesting that Abbott actually canceled the event because of the optics of appearing at another school at odds with the state. According to Wendy Davis campaign spokesman Zac Petkanas, “What this updated media advisory should say is: Due to Greg Abbott not wanting to show his face at another school district he's currently battling in a courtroom lawsuit, today's press conference at Lubbock High School has been canceled.”

Regardless of why this particular event was canceled, it's clear that Abbott is hoping that if he pretends the school finance lawsuit isn't happening, Texas voters will too. For instance, in response to recent questioning about the lawsuit, Abbott said dismissively that his education plan focuses on the “future,” not the “past.”

But if Greg Abbott's plan involves more cuts and standardized testing for pre-schoolers, his future isn't so bright either. “On education,” Petkanas continued, “The choice in this election is between Wendy Davis' plan to ensure all children have access to a quality 21st century education and Greg Abbott's plan that chooses which kids and which schools are the winners and which ones are the losers.”


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