Ted Cruz has Spent More Time in Iowa than South Texas

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It's no April Fools' Jokesince becoming Senator, Ted Cruz has visited Iowa more times than he's visited the Rio Grande Valley.

Cruz took his second trip to the Rio Grande Valley as Senator this week, giving stump speeches in Harlingen and Laredo. During the speeches, he did not discuss immigration or border security, claiming that residents of the border region care about the same issues as Texans in other parts of the state. Instead, Cruz's stump speeches focused on criticizing the President and the Affordable Care Act.

By this point, Ted Cruz's presidential ambitions are no secret, and even Cruz himself seems to have given up the pretense. He's visited several key presidential primary states more than he's been to South Texas, preferring to advance his own personal ambitions over helping some of his most vulnerable constituents.

Since being elected Senator, Ted Cruz has spent a great deal of time working the Presidential campaign circuit. According to the Houston Chronicle, Cruz has made “four trips to Iowa, three to South Carolina and [has]a third visit to New Hampshire set for this month.”

Cruz has visited over 40 cities in Texas, but the majority of his engagements have been spent speaking to members of his conservative base and solidifying their support. As Senator, he has made little effort to include people who don't agree with him, whether it has been fellow Senators of the constituents he's supposed to represent.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released a statement in response to Ted Cruz's visit to South Texas, criticizing Cruz for spending more time with Iowa voters than his own constituents:

“Whether its for business or pleasure, it seems Ted Cruz's preferred destination is clear. For some reason, Cruz prefers speaking to Iowa caucus voters more than his very own South Texas constituents. We are only left to conclude that Ted Cruz is more concerned with his political future than the concerns of Texans at home.


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