Mystery Fliers Calling For UT Regent Wallace Hall's Resignation Distributed To Legislative Offices

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Legislative staffers found a surprise waiting under their office doors yesterday.

Fliers calling on embattled UT Regent Wallace Hall to resign were slid under all 181 House and Senate office doors at some point in the last 48 hours.

The fliers urge Longhorns to unite in calling for Hall to resign. The fliers have no disclaimer or attribution.

Hall is in hot water for his open-records witch hunt against UT President Bill Powers, as well as the perception that he does Rick Perry's bidding on the UT Board of Regents, which oversees the state's flagship university system. Last week, a special report prepared for the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations found that Hall had committed impeachable offenses.

Click below the jump to see the fliers calling for UT Regent Wallace Hall's removal from office.  Burnt Orange Report has been provided an image of the flier by an anonymous source. Here is the front and back:

Hall is widely credited with leading the charge on the Board of Regents to try and oust UT President Bill Powers, claiming in 2013 that he would not still be at UT by year's end. (How'd that turn out? Just checking.)

Hall also overstepped the bounds of his office by secretly communicating with Nick Saban's agent about bringing the coach to UT to replace Mack Brown. (Another clear win for Hall, obviously.)

Hall and Perry buddy Jeff Sandefer have also donated vast sums of money to a PAC that is now used to target moderate Republican candidates for the Legislature. The effort is ideologically aligned with Rick Perry's apparent desire to turn UT-Austin into little more than a trade school churning out $10,000 diplomas rather than educating the next generation of Texas leaders.

As a member of the UT Board of Regents, Hall has led an unprecedented witch-hunt against the widely respected Powers, requesting an excess of documentation and largely tying the administration up in his paperwork boondoggle.

Hall has been found to have committed impeachable offenses. Whether the House Select Committee will take that action is unknown at this time. However, these fliers clearly indicate that there is a movement afoot to get rid of Hall, one way or another.

Resignation might cause less drama for the University of Texas and the state, though admittedly it would be less cathartic than seeing Hall tossed out on his ear.

The greater concern for advocates for quality higher education and proud Texas Exes and Longhorn alums is if the votes do not exist to oust Hall via impeachment. If that is the case, creating widespread public pressure for him to resign may be the best way to protect the quality and integrity of the UT system by removing its most problematic regent.  


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