Five Things You Need To Watch Mayor Julian Castro and Senator Dan Patrick Square off on Immigration

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Tonight, Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio squares off with State Senator Dan Patrick of Houston on the topic of immigration.

The debate will be held at 6:00 p.m. in San Antonio, broadcast later tonight on Univision, and streamed live on the Texas Tribune website and the Univision website.

If you're here in Austin, join us at Scholz Garten where we'll be watching along with the folks from the Travis County Democratic Party.

There's plenty you can do to prepare for tonight's debate, from boning up on Dan Patrick's anti-immigrant rhetoric to printing out a set of Bingo cards.

Find out what you need to know before tonight's debate below the jump!Five Things You Need For Tonight's Debate!

1. Avoid the Castro-Patrick Drinking Game.

Burnt Orange Report advises all readers to watch the debate safely and avoid any and all debate-watching drinking games, out of concern for your health and well-being.  

If watchers take a drink every time Senator Patrick says something racially insensitive or offensive, they may be in a coma after the first 10 minutes. If a viewer must down their drink every time Patrick refers to a human being as an “illegal,” they may do permanent damage to their liver.

Please, watch responsibly.


2. Dan Patrick Bingo Cards!

If you must play games during the debate, try bingo. Our friend Nonsequiteuse has prepared a set of bingo cards that can add enjoyment to any debate watch.

–> Click here to download a set of Dan Patrick Bingo Cards <–

And remember, you may win at bingo, but if Dan Patrick is our next Lieutenant Governor, we all lose.


3. A Primer On Dan Patrick's Anti-Immigrant Policies.

Dan Patrick is one of the most hostile Republicans in Texas in terms of immigration issues — and that's saying something!

    — He claims that undocumented immigrants “threaten our state” and “threaten your family” and wants to “stem the illegal invasion.”

    — He tried to end the DREAM Act that allows undocumented college students to pursue a pathway to citizenship.

    — He claims that Hispanics will never vote for a Democratic party that is pro-choice and pro-LGBT. (He's wrong.)


4. Know Your #Hashtags.

Follow along on Twitter. Show your support for Mayor Castro by tweeting on the #ImmigrantNation hashtag. Call out Dan Patrick's extremist policies with #TheRealDanPatrick.


5. The Livestream!

We'll embed the livestream here once it starts at 6:00 p.m. You may also watch on Univision.


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