CD-23, Third Place Finisher Dr. Robert Lowry Endorses Will Hurd Over Fmr. Rep. Quico Canseco

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Republicans keep giving Rep. Pete Gallego a reason to smile

Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego is one of the biggest congressional targets for Republicans across the entire country. The 23rd congressional district is a rarity in America, as it is nearly evenly split in partisanship. Under the current boundaries, Barack Obama won the seat in 2008 while Mitt Romney won it in 2012. With such a closely divided district, the results of the March 4 Republican primary could not have been better for the Democratic incumbent.

Some expected former one-term Republican Congressman Quico Canseco to run away with the nomination; however that did not happen. Rather he finished in what was almost a tie with 2010 candidate Will Hurd.

In fact, Hurd finished narrowly ahead of Canseco earning 10,378 votes for 41.0% while Canseco earned 40.3% of the vote with 10,219 votes. In 2010, when both candidates ran for the first time, they also ended up in a runoff with each other, where Hurd also lead by a narrow margin.

This year, there was also a third candidate running; Ron Paul acolyte Dr. Robert Lowry earned 18.7% of the vote with 4,736 votes this year. Dr. Lowry also ran in 2010 where he finished in third place of five candidates total earning 22.17% of the vote.

With close to a month and a half remaining until the runoff election is held, Dr. Lowry is throwing his support behind Will Hurd, encouraging the 18.7% of voters who supported him to back Hurd in the runoff over the former Congressman.

Read why Dr. Lowry is supporting Will Hurd and what Hurd had to say about the endorsement after the jump.In a statement, Dr. Lowry explained his support of Hurd as follows:

“Will Hurd has actually fought to protect and defend our Constitution.  He will fight for our privacy and our liberty. I know he won't say one thing and go to Washington and do another.  I asked my supporters for their input on this important decision and an overwhelming majority thought Will was the best choice.  I believe he will stand up to the broken system of DC insider politics, and will represent we the people back here at home, as opposed to just towing the line of the party's leadership.”

Hurd happily accepted the endorsement, saying:

“It's exciting to receive the support of such a strong, liberty-minded, Texas conservative.  Dr. Lowry is a family man, with a strong Christian faith, and has dedicated his life to both working in our community and fighting for conservative values. We will win this runoff election by continuing to run a grassroots campaign that focuses on getting the government out of people's lives and restoring our Constitutional conservative values.”

You can see a full list of all candidates running for congress in our Burnt Orange Report Congressional Candidate Tracker.

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