VIDEO: Greg Abbott Under Fire For Association with Charles Murray

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Greg Abbott is feeling the heat for his association with Charles Murray, the controversial conservative who argues that women and minorities are inherently inferior to white males.

Abbott has come under scrutiny for citing Murray in his education plan while simultaneously coming out publicly against universal pre-K.

Abbott's association with Murray should alarm Texans who want a strong public school system that educates all of our youth — especially low-income and minority youth.

News outlets across Texas were unstinting in their criticism of Abbott's willing association with Murray. The Wendy Davis campaign has put together a video of the greatest hits.

Watch the video below the jump.Here's the video recap of another bad news week for Greg Abbott:

In case you're not familiar with Charles Murray, here are five things Murray has said about women, all of which can be found in one op-ed he wrote, entitled “Where are the Female Einsteins?”

1.     “Why not instead attribute the results of these tests to socialization? Enter the neuroscientists. It has been known for years that even after adjusting for body size, men have larger brains than women.”

2.     “In the humanities, the most abstract field is philosophy — and no woman has been a significant original thinker in any of the world's great philosophical traditions.”

3.     “To put it in a way that most readers with children will recognize, a father can go to work and forget about his children for the whole day. Hardly any mother can do this, no matter how good her day-care arrangement or full-time nanny may be.”

4.     “I have omitted perhaps the most obvious reason why men and women differ at the highest levels of accomplishment: Men take more risks, are more competitive and are more aggressive than women.”

5.     “Women have played a proportionally tiny part in the history of the arts and sciences. Others have found similar proportions. Even in the 20th century, women got only 2% of the Nobel Prizes in the sciences — a proportion constant for both halves of the century — and 10% of the prizes in literature. The Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics, has been given to 44 people since it originated in 1936. All have been men.”

This is the “thinker” that Greg Abbott cites prominently at the beginning of his education plan. That should raise eyebrows of parents across Texas — is this really the kind of “expert” we want shaping our kids' futures?  


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