Glenn Beck's Friend and Future State Senator Don Huffines Supports Creationism and School Vouchers

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In the race to represent Texas Senate District 16 out of Dallas, newcomer and libertarian Tea Party candidate Don Huffines beat the incumbent senator, John Carona. Huffines credits his election to a growing support of increasingly conservative policies among the voters in the district.

Huffines clearly takes this seriously, as he vowed in an interview with KERA NEWS to support creationism in the science curriculum, “competition” in the education system, and vouchers for private schools.

More from Huffines below the jump.  After winning the primary, Huffines faces only a libertarian opponent in November, which means there is no question whether he will win the general election in November. In his interview with KERA, Huffines addressed several issues that could come up in the next legislative session.

When it comes to education, Huffines, like most of his Republican colleagues, does not believe that increased funding is the answer. Instead, Huffines believes in school choice and “competition.”

Competition is what made America great. It's what I like to say. It lowers the price and increases the quality of everything it touches. And it's going to do the same for the education system.

Not only does he think that our children's education will follow the same market rules as unsubsidized products, but Huffines also thinks that students in these competitive schools should “absolutely” learn about creationism.  

I certainly think all students should be aware of creationism. They should be aware of that, absolutely. Teaching it as a science, it should be taught on equal footing.

Huffines has said that he won't be a “Doctor No,” which at least sets him apart from the most conservative factions in the legislature. However, depending on the outcome of certain statewide races – specifically, the Lieutenant Governor's race – it may be less an issue of dissent and more of his likelihood to support an extremely conservative legislative agenda handed down from the top.  

He has already expressed support for one of Dan Patrick's failed bills from last session. The bill would have given tax credits to businesses who donated money to a fund created exclusively to provide private school vouchers. Clearly, these are included in the vague category of “certain types of vouchers” Huffines says he would consider supporting.

Huffines enters the State Senate with a firm grounding in conservative ideas and the support of the Tea Party. While campaigning, Huffines was joined by conservative personality and fear monger Glenn Beck as well as fellow conservative libertarian Rand Paul who stumped for him on the campaign trail. If his associations are any indication, Huffines will take this election as a mandate for policies that push our state even farther to the right.  


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