Travis County Democratic Party Chairwoman Jan Soifer: “Equal Pay Should Be Non-Negotiable.”

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Yesterday the Capital Area Democratic Women had their regular monthly luncheon discussing many action items, including one overriding topic: Equal Pay.

The Capital Area Democratic Women is one of the larger democratic clubs in Austin, and has been actively involved in the Austin political scene for several years. Namely last summer when Wendy Davis gave her historic filibuster, CADW along with other statewide organizations were of the first groups on the ground signing people up to keep them involved and motivated throughout the course of the events that happened at the capitol last summer.

After the CADW luncheon discussed their plans for turning out more women voters in Travis County this election year, the group hosted a press conference with State Representative Donna Howard, Travis County Democratic Party Chairwoman Jan Soifer, and Grace Garcia the Executive Director of Annie's List, discussing equal pay for women.

See the video of Chairwoman Jan Soifer discuss equal pay below the jump.

As Katherine reported earlier Abbott has made it clear that he will not sign a bill of Texas's version of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This bill simply allows women to sue when they've been discriminated against, and passing a Texas version of the law simply means that Texas women can file their complaints in a Texas court and not a federal court. If it's just as simple of a thing as that, you would think Republicans would know when to stop fighting a losing issue for them.  

This year CADW plans to take what happened inside the capitol dome and channel that energy to the ballot box for Travis County voters in November. Their general election plan involves targeting a female universe in Travis County and making sure that women, particularly in Travis County, vote in this midterm election year. And with this message of equal pay, getting more women to vote for Democrats –the only party with common sense solutions to equal pay discrimination– could prove easier than anticipated this critical election year.

It is a very exciting year for women in Texas. Abbott and his business allies should realize that if they don't want to get sued in court they should probably just start with equal pay practices instead of fighting losing political battles with women in 2014.  


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