Friday Wrap: A Game of Thrones Easter Egg, a Nelly Renaissance, a Dancing Congressman, and More…

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

First up this week, a hubbub over a haboob.

Below the jump, read about the end of civilization, David Dewhurst's outdated meme usage, fictional Texas tragedies, and more…

Possible connection between The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones? Gandalf's sword found in the Iron Throne.

-Omar Araiza


Extra, extra, spread the news–a Bay Area radio station let it hang all out by playing Nelly's “Hot in Herre” on loop for the over 72 hours straight last weekend. It was part of a publicity stunt to get listeners up up on the dance floor as Latino Mix 105.7 transitioned to Hot 105.7. Drivers getting off the freeway at 106 and Park got so hot they wanna take their clothes off from Friday to Monday, but the Nelly loop is now over and Hot 105.7 is the Bay Area's newest English-language pop station.

-Katie Singh


I guess civilization had a good run.

It's been real!

-Chaille Jolink


David Dewhurst Rick-Rolled the Republican run-off last week.

Yes, really.

-Katherine Haenschen


Hollywood has truly destroyed America – but not Texas. A new map shows how and which US cities have been annihilated in close to 200 disaster-related movies. Texas cities have only succumbed to one alien attack, one monster attack, three creature attacks, and a handful of climatic and geological events. Most importantly – and a bit surprising given our severe weather and proximity to the ocean – Texas has never been victim of a Sharknado.

-Emily Cadik


If Congressman John Lewis can stay this happy, so can you:

-Katherine Haenschen


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