Wendy Davis vs. Greg Abbott Official After Last Night's Primary

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Long expected and finally official, Sen. Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott easily cruised to victory over their respective primary opponents and will represent the Democratic and Republican Parties respectively heading into November.

Sen. Wendy Davis won the Democratic primary with 79.05% of the vote over the little known “Ray” Madrigal of Corpus Christi. While Sen. Davis has won, it is concerning that primary voters were unfamiliar with her in South Texas, and opted for the candidate with the Hispanic surname. However, as seen in the 2008 Democratic primary, Barack Obama's weakness among the South Texas primary electorate did not translate to a weakness in the general election. It will be up to her campaign's field team to reach out and tell her story to South Texas voters between now and November so they know there is a reason to go vote.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Greg Abbott pulled 91.50% of the vote in his primary to win the Republican nomination over three other hapless candidates, including SECEDE Kilgore.

Read Sen. Wendy Davis' message to supporters below the fold.

Today, the road to the November 4 General Election begins. And I'm honored to be elected the Democratic nominee to run for Governor of Texas.??

I'm writing to say thank you — because our campaign could never have reached this milestone without the support of so many incredible people like you.??

We have a long way to go before Election Day: a lot of voters to reach, a lot of rallies to organize, and, yes, a lot of money to raise.??

But I wake up every morning knowing exactly why I'm in this race: to expand opportunity for every Texan and secure a stronger future for our state. And I wake up knowing that I'm not alone — that people like you also care deeply about making our state a place that guarantees where you start doesn't determine how far you can go.??

Today, I'll hit the campaign trail. And with your support, we'll be able to celebrate again on Election Night in eight months.

??So thank you for all your help. And if you'd like to get our general election campaign off to the right start, please consider making a small contribution to help us keep growing.

??I'll be in touch with more soon.

??Thank you,



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