Maxey Scherr Talks John Cornyn, LGBT Rights And David Alameel On MSNBC Interview

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Democrat and candidate for U.S. Senate, Maxey Scherr, appeared on MSNBC to share with Texas voters on why she's running to replace U.S. Senator John Cornyn. Scherr, who is endorsed by Burnt Orange Report, seems very passionate about defending and standing up for groups of Texans our two U.S. Senators have adamantly refused to support in the Senate — including women, the LGBT community, workers, and immigrants.

“I am running because the people of Texas are sick and tired of folks like John Cornyn and Ted Cruz putting corporations and insurance companies first. I am running to fight for people, for workers, for women, for the LGBT community, for children. I am running to fight for immigrants. And those are the categories of people Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have recklessly left behind. We need someone who is going to fight for people,” said Scherr.

Scherr recalled the moment that made her want to run against Cornyn — when Cornyn showed complete disregard for LGBT rights by not only voting against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), but puckering his face and giving the legislation two thumbs down when called to make a vote. Scherr, like the majority of Texans would be also, was disgusted by Cornyn's actions in the chamber.

Scherr also shares her opinion on David Alameel, who is one of her opponents running in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senator. Without disrespecting Wendy Davis' and Leticia Van de Putte's endorsements of Alameel, Scherr simply points out Alameel's past financial donations to multiple Republicans — including John Cornyn, Rick Perry, and Greg Abbott. Scherr calls Alameel a “wolf in sheep's clothing.”

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Staff writer Omar Araiza covers immigration, Latino voters, the U.S.-Mexico border, and LGBT issues. He is a proud South Texas native, born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Omar tweets from @AraizaTX.

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