Braden Frame, Candidate for Chair of the WCDP OUTRAISES Opponent Nearly 3-to-1!

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I am excited to announce that again, for the third straight filing period, we have outraised our opponent!

From November 2013 through February 22, 2014 the Frame campaign has raised $3,009.41 while Karen Carter showed she raised just $1,121.61 in the same time frame.  That puts us ahead of Carter by nearly a three-to-one margin.

And I'm pleased to share with you that as of today, our new totals exceed $3,500, thanks to an additional $530 that was donated just after the Saturday filing deadline.  The message is clear:

Democrats are ready for CHANGE in Leadership

The level of support that we are receiving from across the county demonstrates that my plan and vision are exactly what Williamson County Democrats want for 2014.

This race is close and might be decided by only a handful of votes. Your vote counts in this important election.

I need your vote to win!

My body of work and lifelong commitment to progressive causes and issues is without compare.  I have been endorsed by Patty Eason, Paul Stempko, Labor Union Leaders, Women's Rights Leaders, Political Professionals like Robert E. Jones, and by proven fighters for equality like Paul Rhea.

…Carter's report shows a pattern of incompetence, ineptitude, and violates Texas Ethics Law, more below the jump…I am still the only candidate with the experience, energy, and fundraising prowess to finally get the WCDP on track to win elections. I am also the only candidate to put forth a NEW plan to strengthen the Party and elect Democrats in Williamson County.

With our record, consistency isn't a good thing.  
We need change.

More disturbing than Carter's failure to fundraise is her consistent inability to file a cohesive and compliant ethics report.  In the most current chapter of Karen's ineptitude, she reports a loan to her campaign for $300.00 on February 10, 2014 (Sch E), but shows no expenditure to pay the debt off (Sch F), and then failed to report the outstanding balance to voters (Page 2).  Click here for report.

Also Carter has AGAIN failed to report the cost of her website, even though she agreed in a February 12, 2014 newspaper article to include it in her next report (Sch F).

To top it all off her totals don't match up. Karen reports that she has $824.00, exactly, in the bank as of February 22, 2014.  But if you calculate her reported cash contributions ($744.90) and add the unreported loan ($300.00), and then subtract her only reported expenditure ($450.00) she should only have $595.90 in cash on hand. Click here for report.

Democrats deserve a County Chair who is organized and capable of doing simple math.  After three years as County Chair Karen should have learned how to competently and honestly complete a Texas Ethics Commission Report.  Unfortunately this pattern of failed leadership and ineptitude have cost Democrats elections in past years.

As they say, poor past performance properly predicts future failures.

In sharp contrast I have built a wide, diverse, and eager coalition of progressive support across the county.

My fundraising numbers speak for themselves and there is no doubt who Democrats are supporting for Chair in Williamson County.

Please vote today and join our progressive Democratic team.

Together, we'll win elections.

-Braden Frame

These Polls are Open TODAY from 7a – 7p

Click HERE to receive directions from your current location

Click HERE for an interactive Map


Williamson County Inner Loop Annex | 301 SE Inner Loop

Cowan Creek Amenity Center (Sun City) | 1433 Cool Springs Way

Georgetown Parks & Rec Administration Bldg | 1101 N College St


Anderson Mill Limited District | 11500 El Salido Pkwy., Austin

***Cedar Park***

Cedar Park Public Library | 550 Discovery Blvd

Cedar Park Randalls | 1400 Cypress Creek Rd.


Hutto City Hall | 401 Front St


Pat Bryson Municipal Hall | 201 N. Brushy St.

***Round Rock***

Baca Senior Center | 303 W. Bagdad St.

Brushy Creek Community Center | 16318 Great Oaks Dr.

JB and Hallie Jester Annex | 1801 E. Old Settlers Blvd.

Round Rock Randalls | 2051 Gattis School Rd.


Taylor City Hall | 400 Porter St.


Granger City Hall | 214 E Davilla St


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