Texan Candidate for U.S. Senate: Barack Obama is a “Son of a Bitch” and “Wetbacks” Should Be Shot

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In an editorial board meeting with the Dallas Morning News, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Mapp said that farmers along the border should be allowed to shoot “wetbacks,” the San Antonio Express News reported. Though other Republican leaders, such as Senator John Cornyn and the Bexar County Republican Party chairman Robert Stovall, have acknowledged the inappropriate nature of the Mapp's comments, Greg Abbott continues to refuse to call out the use of toxic rhetoric by high level candidates and well-known supporters.

Just last week, Abbott appeared with Ted Nugent, who has a well-known history of sexist and racist comments about the President and female politicians. Abbott also did not think that Nugent's own admission to sleeping with underage women was as important as his support for small governments and fiscal responsibility.

Greg Abbott wants the highest office in our state, but unlike other members of the GOP, he will not address this harmful and disgusting rhetoric within his party.

The Texas Democratic Party released this statement on Mapp's wildly inappropriate remarks and the continuing trend of Abbott's refusal to call out such harmful rhetoric within his party:

    Austin, TX — Late last week, the San Antonio Express News reported that Chris Mapp, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, used a racial slur to describe undocumented immigrants and then defended the language as “normal.”

    Mapp stood by his comments, made during an editorial board meeting with the Dallas Morning News, that “'wetbacks' should be shot by ranchers and that President Barack Obama is a 'socialist son of a bitch.'”  [San Antonio Express News, 2/21/14]

    Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement:

    “When Attorney General Greg Abbott and Republicans at the top of the ticket allow toxic hate speech on their campaigns, they encourage and accept the use of this kind of language in the rest of their party. Toxic rhetoric, like the kind used by Chris Mapp and Ted Nugent, tears Texans apart.  Once again, we call on Attorney General Greg Abbott to stop ignoring the increasingly hostile rhetoric, take responsibility, and set a new direction for Republican campaigns.

In regards to Mapp's use of the racial slur for undocumented immigrants, which Mapp claimed was as “normal as breathing air,” for those from south Texas, Senator John Cornyn said, “…that's not the sort of way to gain people's confidence that you care about them and you want to represent their concerns.” If even other Texas Republicans can recognize the need to address Mapp's language, why can't Greg Abbott? Greg Abbott wants to represent all Texans in the highest office in our state. His silence on the continued use of derogatory and offensive language by those at the top of the Republican ticket in Texas makes it clear: he won't represent the people's concerns, either.  


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