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Ted Cruz Making Crazy Attempt To Block Judges From Ruling For Marriage Equality

by: Ben Sherman

Fri Feb 14, 2014 at 11:00 AM CST

On Wednesday, with only one co-sponsor, Ted Cruz introduced a bill to "ensure the federal government gives the same deference to the 33 states that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman as it does to the 17 states that have chosen to recognize same-sex unions."

This, of course, is in reaction to two recent, and very important, developments. Last year, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act which means that the federal government can (and now does) recognize same-sex marriages legal in their respective states. Also crucial in the push for marriage equality has been federal judges in several states ruling that same-sex marriage bans there are unconstitutional. This happened in Virginia on Wednesday, and in Utah late last year.

Basically, Cruz wants to force judges' interpretations of the constitutionality of preventing two loving Americans from getting married with a ham-handed new law.

More below the jump.

Cruz' only co-sponsor is Mike Lee of Utah, the man who stood with our junior senator in his ~20-hour speech late last year that led to the government shutdown.

"I support traditional marriage. Under President Obama, the federal government has tried to re-define marriage, and to undermine the constitutional authority of each state to define marriage consistent with the values of its citizens," Cruz said in a statement. "The Obama Administration should not be trying to force gay marriage on all 50 states. We should respect the states, and the definition of marriage should be left to democratically elected legislatures, not dictated from Washington. This bill will safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for its residents."

But the Obama Administration isn't doing anything but acknowledge same-sex marriages that already exist legally. This bill is trying to upend the federal government's ability to determine whether state laws -- on marriage equality specifically -- are constitutional. In doing so, Cruz is showing a basic loathing of what the Constitution means. It means protection for all, and if federal judges are increasingly (and accurately) finding that denying marriage equality is unconstitutional, then our constitutional order requires that their judgment stands.

Cruz occupies the peculiar position of holding himself as a devoted scholar of the Constitution, while attempting to bend it in his direction at every opportunity. His non-filibuster speech was full of platitudes about the unconstitutionality of requiring that people buy insurance...despite the Supreme Court's ruling otherwise and the existence of, say, car insurance. The man is a blowhard, blowing his hardest to pierce a hole in the Constitution.

Democrats shouldn't allow it, and any Republican who supports this dreck should be targeted specifically for termination from Congress.

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Brush up on your 10th amendment...and word definitions (type define:marriage in google, read def 1)

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