30 Day Out Fundraising Reports Roundup: State House, Districts 101 – 150

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Per Texas law, candidates for state office must file fundraising reports every six months. Additionally, any candidate in a contested election must file an additional fundraising report that reflects their holdings thirty days before voting begins in that election. Candidates in contested primaries had to file reports by February 3 which reflected how much money they raised between January 1 and January 23 as well as how much cash they have remaining on hand. With in-person voting starting next week, these fundraising reports could provide helpful clues on who is favored to win their party's nomination.

This week, Burnt Orange Report will look at all statewide primaries and all legislative primaries that feature an incumbent or seats that could be considered competitive come November's general election.

In our fifth and final installment, we will look at the remaining contested primaries for the Texas House. This installment will look at the races in Districts 101 – 150 which are primarily based in the urban centers of Dallas, Bexar, and Harris Counties. This section will look at the primary challenges to Republican Reps. Carter, Harper-Brown, Button, Ratliff, Straus, Sarah Davis, and Riddle as well as Democratic Reps. Giddings, Rose, Allen, and Alvarado. Further we will looks at the Republican primaries to replace Rep. Dan Branch and to challenge Democratic Reps. Cortez and Vo as well as the Democratic primary to challenge the winner of the Republican primary in District 105. All fundraising reports were pulled from the website of the Texas Ethics Commission.

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Full analysis and race-by-race rundown of contested statewide primaries can be found after the jump.In the tables, “Raised since '13” represents the amount of money a candidate raised from January 1 to January 23. “EoY 2013 CoH” represents how much money a candidate retained in their bank account on December 31, 2013. “Current CoH” represents how much money a candidate had remaining in their bank account on January 23, 2014. “CoH” is shorthand for “Cash on Hand.”

HD-102 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
S. Carter $44,396 $178,579 $133,459
A. Boyne $10,281 $0 $0
S. Brown $21,490 $56,887 $19,573
L. Koop $7,335 $53,239 $38,634

Incumbent Rep. Stafani Carter thought she was going to advance to a statewide office this year. Then she realized that was hard, quit, and now faces a tough fight for re-election. The three Republicans who filed to replace her; conservative activist Adryana Boyne, veteran Sam Brown, and former Dallas City Council Member Linda Koop, decided to ignore Rep. Carter's incumbency and stayed in the race. Rep. Carter will go in with a significant financial advantage, both in cash on hand and in amount raised in January, but she is likely struggling to rebuild goodwill after un-retiring. Koop and Brown ended December with over $50,000 cash on hand, but Brown has spent over half of his funds. Boyne, meanwhile, raised well, but is reporting to have no cash left to spend. Prediction: This one is going to a runoff. The only call I feel comfortable with is Boyne will not be among the top-two, she does not have enough money and is too similar to the incumbent to earn distinction from the voters. The top two could be any of Carter, Brown, and Koop.

HD-105 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
L. Harper-Brown $43,530 $55,033 $59,135
R. Anderson $1,511 $72,165 $73,669

Incumbent Rep. Linda Harper-Brown is facing former Rep. Rodney Anderson and both are willing to self-fund. Rep. Harper-Brown has given herself $50,447 to date and Anderson has given himself $70,000. Rep. Harper-Brown is raising well from her allies while Anderson is relying more on his own pocketbook. Anderson has more cash remaining to spend as of January 23. Prediction: Honestly, I'm shocked former Rep. Anderson has this kind of money to loan himself and is making this election an actual race against Rep. Harper-Brown. I expect Harper-Brown to win because the voters are more familiar with her and her past ethics scandals may be a distant memory to west Dallas County voters. Whoever wins, will face a competitive general election.

HD-105 (D)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
T. Meza $635 $1,226 $770
B. Montgomery $400 $910 $100
S. Motley $1,505 $6,308 $8,328

House District 105 is expected to be one of the top ten, or even top five competitive races for the Texas House this fall. It is the only potentially competitive House District that has a primary on both the Republican and Democratic sides. For the Democrats the candidates are non-profit director Terry Meza, activist Bernice Montgomery, and lawyer Susan Motley. None of these three candidates have had amazing fundraising to date, but Motley has certainly been the most active and her totals reflect a clear lead in all categories. Prediction: Not only does she lead in fundraising, but Susan Motley has earned the endorsements of Annie's List and the Dallas Morning News. Motley's fundraising has been small enough that an upset is possible, but she is clearly, favored at this point without a runoff.

HD-108 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
C. Alley $4,880 $71,682 $61,492
M. Meyer $20,075 $219,456 $186,200
C. Westcott $46,375 $493,665 $395,512

The race to replace Rep. Dan Branch has been intense from all candidates. Former political action committee (PAC) executive director Court Alley did well raising $4,880 and maintained $61,492. Lawyer and former law clerk Morgan Meyer did better raising $20,075 in January and maintains $186,200 after loaning his campaign $50,000. However, lawyer and party activist Chart Westcott is leaving his primary opponents in the dust. Westcott raised $46,375 in January and maintains $395,512 in is campaign account. Prediction: Big money has come into this north of downtown Dallas House race. Westcott has such a large lead, he could conceivably nuke both Alley and Meyer in the first round and win outright.

HD-109 (D)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
H. Giddings $3,400 $33,179 $31,613
G. Gregory n/a n/a n/a

Rep. Giddings faces a challenge from Genevieve Gregory. Ms. Gregory failed to file a End-of-Year and 30 Day Out report. Prediction: You can't beat somebody with nobody and candidates who fail to file their reports are nobodies. Rep. Giddings is re-nominated by a mile.

HD-110 (D)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
T. Rose $3,165 $14,150 $4,457
S. Crenshaw n/a $250 n/a

At least Sandra Crenshaw filed an End-of-Year report where she reported having a measly $250. Crenshaw still failed to file a 30 Day Out report. Prediction: Despite getting the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News, Sandra Crenshaw will not have resources to run the kind of campaign needed to beat the incumbent, Freshman Rep. Toni Rose.

HD-112 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
A. Chen Button $16,240 $399,844 $405,099
J. Patterson $5,195 $15,978 $10,602

Former Sachse Councilman Jared Patterson has the same set of movement conservative endorsements as challengers Molly White and Read King in Districts 55 and 64 and is raising similar totals. $10,602 is fair but it is nothing compared to the incumbent; Rep. Chen Button has over $400,000 to spend. Prediction: Rep. Chen Button should cruise to re-nomination.

HD-115 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
B. Ratliff $44,225 $182,310 $188,037
M. Rinaldi $16,926 $20,074 $13,263

The movement conservatives are all worth about $10,000. Lawyer and TEA Party activist Matt Rinaldi has loaned himself $26,408 to try and be a contender. Incumbent Rep. Bennett Ratliff has given himself $80,000 to crush that “chump-change.” Prediction: With over fourteen times the cash on hand, Rep. Ratliff is ready to win a comfortable, but not amazing, re-nomination.

HD-117 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
R. Galindo $1,000 $187 $1,130
J. Garza $100 $26,341 $26,251

This is the primary that almost was not. Rick Galindo had been running since mid-summer, but on the last day, rumors bore out and former one term Texas Representative John Garza, filed for a rematch with incumbent Democrat Philip Cortez. Galindo reported raising very little in January and maintained just over $1000 with a month to go until voting started. John Garza, while raising very little, still had $26,251 left in his bank account from his previous campaigns giving him a significant cash on hand advantage. Prediction: Mr. Galindo should have spent his fall raising money instead of canvassing or going to local meet and greets. Garza's campaign leftovers from 2012 should buy him the nomination in 2014.

HD-121 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
J. Straus $81,415 $6,096,060 $6,074,147
M. Beebe $11,505 $12,213 $13,969

Matt Beebe ran against Speaker Straus in 2012 and lost by a wide margin. Prediction: A few thousand dollars are insignificant in the face of six million dollars. The Speaker shall return.

HD-131 (D)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
A. Allen $1,800 $21,573 $19,363
A. Okorafor $0 $0 $0

Rep. Allen does not have the most impressive totals, but Mr. Okorafor is reporting an absolute nothing in comparison. Prediction: Rep. Allen handily defeated a strong primary challenge from former Houston council member Wanda Adams in 2012. The candidacy of Mr. Okorafor is no not comparable to that of Ms. Adams.

HD-134 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
S. Davis $19,529 $145,562 $169,698
B. Parker $1,800 $10,161 $9,183

Rep. Sarah Davis was the only Republican to vote against the special session's HB2. As a result she got a primary challenger from Bonnie Parker, a candidate she narrowly defeated to earn the Republican nomination in 2010. The difference now is Rep. Davis' incumbency which has earned $169,698 to her campaign account. Ms. Parker got a late start to her campaign and has less than $10,000 to spend after loaning herself $20,000. Prediction: Rep. Davis is probably the least conservative Republican in the Texas House when it comes to social issues, which matches her affluent but socially tolerant House District. Rep. Davis' massive war chest and Ms. Parker's tone-deafness should earn her re-nomination this March.

HD-145 (D)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
C. Alvarado $18,700 $54,035 $52,557
S. Delgado n/a $0 n/a

The outspoken Susan Delgado failed to filed a 30 Day Out report and reported no assets maintained at the end of December. Prediction: The odds of lucking into a seat without raising funds are astronomically low. Rep. Alvarado will be re-nominated by a wide margin.

HD-149 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
A. Hoang $7,700 $54,035 $52,557
N. Ho $1,950 $3,737 $2,467

Al Hoang was a member of the Houston City Council last year. This year, he is not after losing a close race for re-election in November, 2013. Shortly after, he got into the race for HD-149 to challenge Democratic incumbent Hubert Vo. The matchup was set until in the final week of filing Nghi T. Ho filed to oppose Hoang in the Republican primary. This likely spurned Hoang to loan himself $20,000. Prediction: Hoang is raising fair amounts of cash, but not impressive enough sums to put Ho away right out. Hoang will likely win the Republican primary after draining his own bank account. Meanwhile Democratic incumbent Rep. Hubert Vo will be smiling as he continues to add to his own campaign account which stood at $45,120 at the end of December.

HD-150 (R)

Candidate Raised Since '13 EoY 2013 CoH Current CoH
D. Riddle $6,250 $61,809 $62,584
T. Noun $0 $43,490 $33,228

Is it possible? Can it be? Car Dealer Tony Noun loaned his campaign $110,000 this campaign cycle which has put him close to incumbent Rep. Debbie Riddle in the both of the cash on hand categories. Rep. Riddle's $6,250 raised in January is unimpressive. Could it be, one of the craziest members of the Texas legislature is about to lose her March primary, ironically to a foreign born American immigrant? Prediction: It is concerning that Mr. Noun is relying entirely on his own self-funding. Rep. Riddle has not had much trouble in the past and will likely win, but it may be her narrowest margin ever.

This concludes our review of Texas 30 Day Out reports for the 2014 party primaries. We will be back with another series before the May runoff which will include all upcoming state races. Thank you for sticking with us readers and learning with us about the state of play before the March 4 Texas primary. Remember early voting starts next week on Tuesday, February 18!

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