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Annie's List Rounds Out 2014 Endorsements With Leigh Bailey To Replace Dan Branch's Seat

by: Shelby Alexander

Thu Jan 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM CST

As we reported yesterday, Annie's List came out recently with their 2014 endorsements for up and coming progressive female leadership to transform Texas. Annie's List gave us an opportunity to introduce the new candidates they've endorsed to our readership who have incredible promise: Carol Donovan, Libby Willis, Susan Motley, Kim Gonzalez, and Susan Criss.

They've also given us insight into their final endorsement: Leigh Bailey of Dallas for House District 108. Having grown up to now raising a family in Dallas, Leigh Bailey is a strong business leader and community advocate. Bailey has represented and served businesses as legal counsel in her professional work, and has contributed to community services and cultural development in Dallas by working with organizations such as Trinity River Audubon Center, Methodist Hospital, and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Leigh Bailey joins a strong coalition of female candidates: totaling six newly endorsed women for 2014. These newcomers have the possibility of joining an elite group of fifteen current electeds who currently hold office.

Read more about Leigh Bailey and what her election to the State House would mean for Texas.

Leigh Bailey is vying for the seat held previously by Attorney General candidate Dan Branch. This district has been in Republican hands for some time, and in 2012 Mitt Romney won 59.0% to Barack Obama's 39.3%. However, in 2010, Bill White received 42.0% of the vote against Rick Perry's 56.1%, giving better turnout for local Texans during gubernatorial years. Three male Republican hopefuls are vying for Branch's seat in the Republican primary.

Bailey's platform is a practical fit to the district: she comes in as a business-friendly candidate against Republican extremism. As an attorney she represented Fortune 500 companies and businesses headquartered in Dallas, then worked as the general counsel for the restaurant group Patrizio, and recently as in-house corporate counsel for a large restaurant company. She notes that attacks against reproductive health inspired her to run. As a mother of a young daughter, Bailey states on her website: "I'll work to make sure that the focus in Austin is on what will make her future - and that of all our children and grandchildren - better, stronger, and full of promise - and I'll stand up to efforts to use her or other Texas women as pawns in partisan political games."

Annie's List Executive Director Grace Garcia stated "Texas leaders have become increasingly out-of-touch with the people they represent and it's time for a change. Leigh Bailey knows working with the community is the key to success."

"A business leader and community advocate, Leigh Bailey understands that Texans must work together to get things done. She will always focus on what matters- the families in House District 108."

These Annie's List endorsements show the strong turnout and willingness of female leaders to serve the public and take back our state from Republican extremists. Following trailblazers like Wendy and Leticia, women from across the state and down the ballot are making sure our top ticket has a strong coalition to run with them, and Annie's List is ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed.

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District 108 (0.00 / 0)

While District 108 was drawn by Republican interests to re-elect Dan Branch, it includes a number of precincts that are Democratic but are under-performing in November elections.  If those precincts had the same kind of turnout as precincts on the North side of the district, Leigh Bailey will be elected.  It's about voter registration and GOTV.  

Leigh Bailey is a quality candidate and yes, "will focus on what matters - the families in House District 108."

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