Prolife Groups Protest Judge's Order That Pregnant Braindead Woman Be Taken Off of Life Support

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A tragic story seems to be coming to an end in Tarrant County where a judge has ordered a brain dead pregnant woman off of life support by Monday, January 27th in fulfillment of her family's wishes. Marlise Munoz was found by her paramedic husband unconscious and 14 weeks pregnant. Upon determining her condition as legally dead the family requested she be removed from “life support,” but the hospital cited state law that says, “A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”

The Munoz family and the woman's mother all agreed she would not want to be kept alive artificially with no chance of recovery. The fetus was not viable at 14 weeks and remains that way today. The attorney's for Munoz say that medical records show the fetus is “distinctly abnormal.”

More below the jump…Marlise's husband Erick said he can tell his wife is no longer alive because her usual smell has been replaced with the “smell of death.” As a paramedic Erick says he is familiar with that smell, and that her limbs have become stiff and dead weight.

Several experts have contended that the hospital was misappropriating the law before Judge R. H. Wallace Jr. ruled in favor of the family. It is still unclear whether John Peter Smith Hospital will appeal. Erick says after 2 months of sitting with his wife's dead body he just wants the ability to start the grieving process and give her a dignity of a proper burial.

Some pro-life groups are chastising the Judge and Erick Munoz for their decision. Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue said, “We condemn in the strongest terms this order to fatally discriminate against this disabled mother and her baby, especially in light of the fact that there are people standing by to adopt the baby knowing that the child will have special needs.” Newman also said his group has, “information that diagnostic tests have not been done on the baby to support allegations that there are developmental anomalies.”

LifeNews says “pro-aborts” are being hypocritical by letting a man make a woman's reproductive decision for her adding that, “apparently the outcome of a dead baby is all that matters.”

State leaders who generally trip over themselves to show their pro-life support have remained decidedly silent on this case. Particularly interesting is Greg Abbott who says he will not comment because the case is in court. Wendy Davis said the decision is the families alone. This case could likely result in proposed legislation when the Texas legislature convenes again in 2015.

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