Jerry Patterson Wants Latinos To Vote For Him; Won't Support Issues Important to Latinos

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Texas Land Commissioner, and Republican Lt. Gov. candidate hopeful, Jerry Patterson, is testing out an interesting new minority outreach strategy: Throw around words like Tejanos and guest worker programs to try to appeal to Hispanic voters, but turn around and oppose every single issue important to Hispanics and hope none of them actually notice.

Last week, Patterson launched Tejanos for Patterson, his campaign's attempt to try to convince Hispanic voters to support his candidacy for Lt. Governor. Patterson, who apparently simply knows what is best for Hispanics, is convinced most Hispanic voters embrace conservative values and that they should just be Republicans.

He even made a video highlighting those that died in the Alamo:

Yet, by taking a quick look at his website (, Patterson's anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant views come to light. Sure, Patterson may support a guest workers programs, but he “would have never voted for or supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens.”

Read more about Patterson's anti-immigrant views, as well as his weak attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters below the jump.Below is the press release sent out by Patterson launching his Hispanic outreach initiative:


January 16, 2014  

Contact: Chris Elam – (512) 476-2014

Lionel Sosa, Chair, Tejanos for Patterson  

(210) 288-8101,


Jerry Patterson launches “Tejanos for Patterson”

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today, Jerry Patterson launched “Tejanos for Patterson,” a group comprised of Texans locally and statewide who support Jerry Patterson's candidacy for Lt. Governor.

“Tejanos represent over 1/4 of all the eligible voters in Texas. Most embrace conservative values. They should be Republicans,” said Jerry Patterson, candidate for Lt. Governor. “That's why I'm launching Tejanos for Patterson. It is important for all Hispanics, or Tejanos, as they've proudly called themselves, to know that their voice is not only welcomed here, but sorely needed. My campaign is focused on including all Texans.”

As part of the Tejanos for Patterson launch, a new web video has been launched titled “The Real Texas Heroes” – – that talks about the Tejanos that died alongside Bowie, Crockett and Travis in defense of Texas and liberty at the Alamo.

“Patterson is the first Republican to ever mount a major inclusion and outreach campaign to Latinos in a statewide Republican primary,” says Lionel Sosa, Tejanos for Patterson Chair. “I applaud his inclusion, his initiative and sensitivity to the issues important to Latinos.”

Patterson said, “I also want to reach out to Tejanos who may be Democrats but have become disenchanted with the old party politics of big spending, over-blown government and ineffective leadership. I have no problem in taking on the issues my opponents prefer to sidestep – like immigration reform, for example. I agree with President George W. Bush who says, “We can be both a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time”.

To find out more about Patterson's campaign, visit Follow Patterson on Facebook at… Twitter at


However, taking a closer look at his actual policy views, Patterson is just as anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic as all other Republican Lt. Gov. candidates. There is nothing inclusive or sensitive about him. The following are Patterson's policy views as taken directly from his website for Lt. Governor:

As your next Lieutenant Governor, my policy will be:

1. Support Voter ID

2. Support English as the official language.

3. Support a military presence on the border where and when it is necessary.

4. Support a border fence where it is tactically necessary and does not infringe on the property rights of border property owners.

5. Support the 2012 Texas Republican party platform immigration plank known as the “Texas Solution”.

6. Oppose unconditional birthright citizenship.

7. Oppose bilingual ballots, which are an impediment to assimilation of immigrants.

8. Oppose amnesty. It has no place as a component of a path to citizenship.

9. Oppose the current immigration bill that recently passed the U.S. Senate. I suggest we delay passage of immigration reform until we have a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate.

10. Oppose restrictions prohibiting law enforcement from asking about the immigration status of an individual during an arrest or detention related to criminal investigation or apprehension.

11. Unlike others in this race, I didn't vote for and I would have never voted for or supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

Patterson supports voter ID laws meant to target minority voters, the over-militarization of our border cities, and wants a law similar to Arizona's SB1070 passed in Texas. He supports guest worker programs proposed in the Republicans' “Texas Solution” plan, yet he opposes “amnesty,” the Senate immigration bill, and — while he claims to “support” the Texas DREAM Act — he also opposes in-state tuition for DREAMers (which he refers to as simply illegal aliens).

On top of that, he opposes “unconditional birthright citizenship,” meaning he doesn't believe U.S. born children of immigrant parents should have their citizenship recognized. As a first-generation U.S. born citizen, I can't even imagine any good reason as to why I would support a man that questions whether my citizenship — or the citizenship of other future first-generation U.S. born children — should be recognized under the U.S. Constitution because our parents are immigrants.

How is this in any form a good way to appeal to Hispanic voters? For what kind of fools does Patterson take Hispanic voters to be?

In his press release, Patterson paints a picture of inclusion, sensitivity, and a shared history between all Texans. Yet Patterson does a weak effort of trying to hide his true motives: He wants Latinos to vote for him, but is not willing to support issues actually important to Latinos out of fear from angering right-wing conservatives.

Ladies and gentlemen: Republican “minority outreach” at its best.


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