Facebook Posts Show Rep. Jonathan Stickland Previously Supported LGBT Rights, Labor Unions

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Freshman State Representative Jonathan Stickland has become the latest example of the perils of social media when running for public office. Our readers may remember from earlier this year, Jonathan Stickland made waves in his first legislative session for being controversial and loud. However, behind his conservative bluster, Jonathan Stickland appears to be nothing more than a fraud.

Images posted to Scribd by Michael Watts, a former member of the Texas Young Democrats, shows Jonathan Stickland brashly, rudely, and aggressively arguing his political positions online. However, the positions he argues for tend to deviate from the social conservative stances he has taken as a voting member of the Texas legislature. Most notably, on page 19, Jonathan Stickland writes:

“Monica, shutup. You are not reading what I am writing. I am pro- union rights, and I am pro-gay marriage. You obviously have no clue where I stand nor a desire to understand it at all. Either read what I am saying or step aside.”

Rep. Stickland, we are reading what you are saying. Either you were a fraud as a private citizen, or you and and your voting record are fraudulent today where you have voted against union rights and gay rights. Jonathan Stickland went on to say:

“Monica do you read sweety? I hate Rush Limbaugh and I hate Fox news.”

I'm not sure why Mr. Stickland felt the need to use sexist language in his conversation, but I am glad to see he has no love for national conservative media leaders.

There is much, much more to be said about this internet troll turned Texas Representative after the jump.The twenty-two page screenshot that emerged of Jonathan Stickland commenting his true feelings came from Michael Watts, a former member of the Texas Young Democrats. Mr. Watts disclosed to me Monday night through a phone call that he knew Jonathan Stickland from high school where they both attended Birdville High in Tarrant County. Based on the tone Rep. Stickland has taken through his internet trolling, it may not be inaccurate to say Rep. Stickland never left high school.

Mr. Watts informed me that he gave the screen shots to a member of the Tarrant County Republican Party in 2012 who was supporting a primary opponent of Jonathan Stickland. The images have stayed hidden for the last two years and have now found their way to the campaign of Andy Cargile who is challenging Rep. Stickland in the 2014 Republican primary.

Anyone who links to the original post on Michael Watts' Facebook timeline will find all original comments in tact, except for those of Jonathan Stickland. It appears someone who can manage the personal Facebook account of Jonathan Stickland has deleted all of Mr. Stickland's comments from this thread.

However, the story will not end here. Mr. Watts has promised there are more screenshots of Mr. Stickland speaking against his own ideals in other Facebook threads.

Until then, here are some other quotes from now-Representative Jonathan Stickland showing what kind of bully he is:

“Maybe those who cannot afford to rebuild after the damage or those not smart enough to take out insurance to protect there investments shouldn't have decided to live by the coast. Who the hell moves to the coast and doesn't consider the chance of a hurricane wiping out everything they own/have built? Idiots.”

“Generally yes I agree. But why should I pay for some idiot who built a house along to coast to rebuild because he did not have the brains to consider this as happening and make the necassary provisions?”

“The middle class is gone because of retarded liberals like yourself who punish people for being successful and succeeding.”

Mr. Stickland later apologized for using the offensive term “retarded.”

“Your savior Obama refuses to do anything about it. he is Bush's 3rd term as far as I am concerned. He has nothing to offer but keeps throwing shit in the way of the free market working through all of it on its own. Amazing she hasn't died already. What pisses me off about morons like you is you refuse to own up to the truth. Fine have your beliefs, but don't bullshit me and tell me you give a flip about the constitution.”

“You'd rather sick back collect your unemployment, go on a march or two on my families dime in San Fransisco and shout about how the white Christian man is ruining your life and the environment.”

“I am not for abolishing social security Michael, quit assuming stupid things. I am for allowing people to opt out of the system if they so desire to. Instead you want to mandate how I live my life and how my income is spent. Its thievery and injustice and morally wrong.”

Allowing individuals to opt out of social security would bankrupt the program, effectively ending it.

“I am a bit extra heated tonight Stacey. I just wrote a $2600 check to the state of Texas for my property taxes that will go to pay for a educational system that sucks and my family will never use. It is bullshit and its unfair.

On the public school system:

“It is not my responsibility to help other peoples children Stacey at the expense of my own. I didn't sign up for it. If I want to help them let me decide on my own which way I want to do it. It is immoral for someone to take my money and spend it on things I disagree with. That is not freedom and it is not Liberty.”

Here is a full screenshot of the entire conversation to prove the conversation's authenticity.

Disclosure: Michael Watts was a member of the College Democrats of North Texas from 2007-2008. During this time, I, Joseph Vogas, served as President of said organization. I consider Michael Watts a friend to this day.

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