Google Investing Millions More in Texas Wind Farms

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Google has decided to build the 'Panhandle 2' wind turbine farm, a $75 million project and their second Texas renewable energy investment.

“Google has been pouring money into alternative energy since 2010 because it believes the investments will prove profitable as the demand for cleaner sources of power rises amid increasing concerns about the pollution caused by oil and coal,” the Associated Press explains.

In 2013, Google announced a $200 million investment in the Spinning Spur Wind Project near Amarillo. Happiness with the results and assessment of global energy trends prompted the decision to invest more.

More below the jump.Google has said that it is investing so heavily in renewable energy because it will becoming increasingly profitable in the years ahead. That's undeniably true, as fossil fuels run out — run out — and civilization looks to continue functioning. The energy produced by turbines and other forms of renewable energy will then be one of the greatest cash cows ever seen.

“At Google, a clean energy future means investing in innovative, large-scale energy projects we believe can become major power sources for the future. To date, Google has committed over $1 billion to wind and solar projects that build a better future while also generating attractive financial returns,” the company says on their 'Google Green' website.

While Texas produces the most crude-oil of any state, it also leads the country in wind power production. West Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Panhandle are the leading regions for that production, as anyone who's been there can tell you. Google's investment is a nudge further in the right direction.


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