Corona and Huffines Release Finance Reports

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Senator John Carona may have his work cut out for him during the Republican primary season. Huffines hosted a fundraiser tonight in Austin, with special guest Case McCoy, the University of Texas quarterback.

Huffines has racked up a considerable amount of endorsements and represents Senator John Carona's biggest threat to office in 23 years. Huffines has been endorsed by the Texas Home School Coalition, led by Tim Lambert, Former U.S. House of Reps Majority Leader Dick Armey, Texas Right to Life, led by Elizabeth Graham, and of course Michael Quinn Sullivan's operation Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

He also recently ran a negative ad attacking Carona, comparing him to an old computer, during the Fiesta Bowl.

Click below the jump to see how Senator John Carona's campaign responded and see how much money each candidate raised.Carona's campaign released this ad, touting Carona's accomplishments, with no mention of his opponent:

Senator Carona has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Texas State Rifle Associaiton (TSRA).

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, Huffines has raised a total of $308,825.49 and Carona has raised $939,441.77. Huffines has $225,866.53 cash on hand, and Carona has a mere $70,527.97 in the bank. Huffines however loaned himself $500,000 while Carona has a $200,000 outstanding loan in his campaign.

Huffine's most recent attack has a little more bite and substance to it. In a recent email to supporters Huffine's campaign claims that last session Senator Carona “missed 70% of his committee meetings and 43% of the mandatory committee votes.”

The Huffines campaign launched to highlight some of Carona's absences.

If Huffines were to replace Carona in the Republican primary, Huffines will likely assume the Senate seat, making the Texas Senate turnover at an all time high. Count in newcomer Donna Campbell, a new vacancy to fill Wendy Davis's seat, and the possibility of a new President of the Senate with the 4-way Lieutenant Governor's race, and the upper chamber could be a very chaotic place in 2015.

**An earlier version of this story was incorrectly titled that Huffines had out-raised Corona by two million. I have corrected it and I regret the error.**


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