State Board of Education Candidate Dave Mundy (R) Thinks You're Wrong and Doesn't Want Your Vote

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Last week, I blogged on Burnt Orange Report about conservative activist Dave Mundy, a Republican candidate for the Texas State Board of Education who is openly calling for secession from the United States. In my posting, it was observed that Mr. Mundy responded to The Texas Freedom Network's original reporting by posting comments on their article's webpage. Burnt Orange Report invited Mr. Mundy to continue his thoughts on secession and how ever else he wanted to present himself on our webpage or our Facebook page.

Sure enough, instead of campaigning, building a coalition, and asking for votes, Mr. Mundy was found on Burnt Orange Report's Facebook page, calling our readers names instead of respectfully asking Texans for their votes.

When I asked Mr. Mundy to comment, I was hoping he would explain why he thought secession was good for Texas or why he is the best candidate to represent the third district on the State Board of Education. Instead, we, myself and you, our readers, were called bullies.

Our article was also sourced by the Facebook page of the Texas Nationalist Movement. They followed in Mr. Mundy's footsteps by saying Mr. Mundy's comments are driving us crazy. We at Burnt Orange Report are in fact crazy happy with the traffic the Texas Nationalist Movement has steered to our website last week, and we thank them for that.

See screenshots of the shameful rhetoric Mr. Mundy had for Burnt Orange Report and you, our readers, after the jump.

Additionally, I responded to Mr. Mundy, asking him at what point did I or Burnt Orange Report attack him in our original article. I further said I could call his position on secession extreme, which I stand by. I will source for Mr. Mundy the most recent public poll to ask the question of Texas secession which found only 20% support for leaving the union among all Texans. 20% support is usually reserved for only extreme and unpopular opinions. The poll also found only 35% support for secession among Texas Republicans. Luckily, we will have something even more solid than science to gauge the support of secession among conservatives when Texas Republicans hold a referendum on the issue during their March 4th primary later this year.

For our readers who live in the third district of the State Board of Education, now is the time to ask yourself and your neighbors, if Mr. Mundy is espousing the kind of rhetoric you want from your elected officials. You will have the opportunity to reject or accept this divisive attitude towards governing on November 4, 2014.

District 3 of the Texas State Board of Education includes all of Bee, Brooks, Duval, Gonzales, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Karnes, Lavaca, Live Oak, McMullen, Starr, and Wilson counties and significant parts of Bexar and Hidalgo counties.

Incumbent Democrat Marisa Perez and Libertarian Steve Hernandez will share the ballot with Mr. Mundy in the November general election

Read who all is running for the State Board of Education on our Candidate Tracker.

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