Friday Wrap: Drones Come to Texas, College Station's “Johnny Football”, and more…

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to close some browser tabs and touch on the issues of the week.

Start off the first Friday of 2014 with IR Cats, a new tumblr that uses pictures of cats to illustrate international relations and current international affairs. Because it's the internet.

See more of them here.

Below the jump, read about the Craigslist job posting to replace Mack Brown, how Netflix comes up with those weirdly specific genres to recommend to you, the business that might have beaten Johnny Manziel to the punch, and more…

Look in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it's Texas' new Drone testing program!

The FAA has selected Texas A&M – Corpus Christi as one of six drone testing sites across the U.S., where it “plans to develop system safety requirements for UAS vehicles and operations…”

-Joe Deshotel


Johnny Manziel is trying to trademark “Johnny Football,” but it looks like someone else in College Station has tried to get the jump on him.

-Katherine Haenschen


Some of the state's largest counties will begin some mandatory e-filing for court documents. There will likely be some hiccups, as there always are with such things, but it's nice to see us finally taking our state courts into the present future.

-Michael Hurta


A fascinating look at the inner workings of Netflix's recommendation algorithm. Also, there's no way Liam Neeson will be able to top his performance in Taken 2!

-Katherine Haenschen


Texas Regents achieve twin goals of cutting costs and bringing fans closer to the football with new tools in recruiting new head coach to replace Mack Brown.

-Edward Garris


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