Dave Mundy (R), Candidate for State Board of Education, Calls for Texas Secession

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The Texas State Board of Education has always been a hive of many of our state's biggest extremists. We have seen current members of the board compare evolution science to the slave trade and nazis, reject constitutional protections of the separation of church and state, and vote to keep Texans in the dark on the Board's agenda. Then why should it be any surprise that a new candidate for the Board wants to see Texas leave the United States?

Dave Mundy (R) is the Republican candidate for District 3 on the Texas State Board of Education. On December 16, 2013, Mr. Mundy proudly displayed his signature to a pledge from the Texas Nationalist Movement declaring his support for Texas to leave the United States and become its own country. Mr. Mundy released the following statement alongside his pledge to leave America:

Although the State Board of Education has no legislative authority outside the realm of public education, I believe the future of Texas will be as an independent nation. I fully support and defend the Constitution of the United States, but believe that independence is inevitable if Texans are to retain their freedom.

But Dave Mundy was not done. Mr. Mundy took to the comments section of the Texas Freedom Network to defend his stance on why Texas should leave the United States. Read what Dave Mundy had to say about secession and how liberals have been governing the State Board of Education for over forty years after the jump.Mr. Mundy was the first comment on the Texas Freedom Network's page highlighting his calls for secession. He responded to their matter-of-fact reporting by claiming:

I love the automatic conclusions you guys jump to and your quickness to engage in stereotyping. Tolerant lot, aren't you?

This is 2013, not 1836 or 1860. Different issues, but you might remember that Cornwallis and Santa Anna also declared that secession was “illegal.”

Of course, the issue of independence has little to do with the SBOE, save that I will fight against any and all efforts to further federalize the Texas education system, particularly stealth implementation of the Common Core Standards.

You progressives have been in charge of the public education system for 45 years now … and Johnny can't read.

When engaged by Dan of Texas Freedom Network that there was only reporting and no stereotyping in the article and conservative Republicans have been governing the State Board of Education, Mr. Mundy responded again:

Thanks for the rational tone, Dan. Quite frankly, I'm not used to hearing that from TFN types.

We're not going to agree on the need for Texas independence, hence I'm not going to try to sway anyone on the subject. It's a mainstream issue, and there are several other Texas Nationalists and allies seeking office this year who will carry that argument into the Legislature.

Progressives haven't been POLITICALLY in charge of the Texas education system, but they are wholly in charge of academia. Hence, the attempts by the regional ESCs to circumvent the authority of the SBOE and the legislature to implement Common Core via CSCOPE.?”Republicans” have been politically in charge, you're quite correct. Unfortunately, those Republicans have been Old Guard types like the Bushes and Ratliffs, who walk in lockstep with the outcomes-based education movement. When Dubya picked up Ann Richards' system and forced it down Texas' throat in the 1990s, it was the conservatives who argued that the system was – as Bush himself called it – “mush.” We were shouted down by the Republican mainstreamers and the Democrats, and George thanked everyone by giving them No Child Left Behind when he went to Washington (or, as we in the conservative movement call it, “No Administrator Without a Six-Figure Salary”).

The progressive movement has given us no fewer than six full-blown (that I've been able to identify, anyway) “education transformations” since 1968, and if you'll look very closely, there's hardly a stitch of difference between them save the pricetag. And none of them work.?Example: “Project-Based Learning” is the new miracle cure for education being bandied about. PBL was first introduced in 1973; what they're talking about now is the EXACT same thing. I know, because they tried it on us when I was in school, and it didn't work.

We know that “more money” is not the cure for Texas' education problem. And we already know what works: old-fashioned methodology: phonics, spelling and skills and drills – not role-playing and group therapy. The question is, why do we continue to allow the same marketeers to keep fleecing us over and over and over again?

Burnt Orange Report encourages Mr. Mundy to engage our readers in our comments section or our Facebook page on why he thinks the United States is not good enough for Texans any more.

Below is a copy of Mr. Mundy's pledge for Texas secession and statement from Facebook.

Mr. Mundy will face incumbent Democrat Marisa Perez and Libertarian Steve Hernandez in the November general election for District 3. District 3 stretches from Downtown San Antonio all the way south to the Mexican border, near McAllen.

Read who all is running for the State Board of Education on our Candidate Tracker.

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