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Ted Cruz Still Hasn't Renounced His Canadian Citizenship

by: Ben Sherman

Sun Dec 29, 2013 at 09:00 PM CST

In August, Americans learned that Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen. Though his status as "natural born" American citizen is in question, his Canadian citizenship is not, given his Calgary birth.

But lo these 120 days later, Ted Cruz is still a Canadian. The Dallas Morning News reported on Saturday that Cruz has only just started to renounce the citizenship. "I have retained counsel that is preparing the paperwork to renounce the citizenship," he told the paper.

More below the jump.

Renouncing his Canadian citizenship is, of course, quite useful if he's planning a 2016 run. Unfortunately, nowhere in the Constitution does it say one is eligible to run for president if not naturally born a citizen but later having rejected other countries' citizenship. Cruz's eligibility is an open question in part because the language in the Constitution is no non-specific on this issue.

A Cruz 2016 campaign would be plagued by this question repeatedly. Though not nearly as fervently as the lunacy of Obama birtherism, some on the right have challenged Cruz's eligibility. His primary opponents' supporters would certainly use it to their advantage. But it's hardly the prime reason not to allow Ted Cruz into the Oval Office.

What good is a president with such disdain for the country that he'd shut down the government over a petty, doomed plan?

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about as good as the one who lied to tangle us into multiple wars (killing our people)...or the other one who boldly flaunts that he backs pretty much every anti-western terrorist organization (killing innocent people)...or one who will probably become the next one, who sends no help to our citizens while they're getting attacked overseas (purposely allowed the killing of our people)...

He is a natural-born citizen (3.00 / 1)
It is irrelevant whether Ted Cruz is a citizen of another country via function of birth.  As so many people like to point out, the laws of another country have little influence on our domestic situation.  Cruz was born to a US citizen so he has US citizenship from birth, just like President Obama and just like Presidential candidate John McCain, the latter of whom was born in the Panama Canal Zone before it was deemed a US territory for purposes of citizenship.

Your penultimate paragraph has it right: There are many reasons to not elect or even vote for Ted Cruz, but squabbling over his citizenship or the citizenship rules of a second or third country is not helpful nor does it advance the debate in any meaningful way.

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