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Power Grab By Perry Regents Costs Mack Brown His Job

by: Chaille Jolink

Fri Dec 27, 2013 at 03:24 PM CST

Now with Mack Brown officially announcing his retirement, and a committee of boosters on the team to find a new coach, the story all around Texas football is, "What's Next?" or really, "Who's Next?"

But questions still linger to those who are true UT fans, worried about not only a football program but an embattled President, a Chancellor avoiding perjury, and a Board of Regents so hellbent on hiring Nick Saban, the rumors still won't die.

One day Mack Brown was emphatically denying the non-stop rumors that his retirement was eminent, in lock-step with the new athletic director and President Bill Powers, and the next day he is holding a presser about his retirement announcement. Whatever caused such a drastic and dramatic shift -- no matter what your thoughts are on Mack Brown and his job performance -- can only bring more questions to the security of any high profile job at UT.  

Thursday December 12, the UT Board of Regents met to discuss the future of President Powers and his job performance. After hours of closed door deliberations the Chancellor made a statement both condemning and commending Powers, ultimately declaring that the President's job is secure, for now. The very next day it was confirmed that Mack Brown was to retire and a press conference was held December 14th.

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Such a close timeline between these two events only suggests one thing: That the UT Board of Regents are calling the shots and have some strange wish to control UT's football program, despite being in charge of over nine different universities and six health care institutions.  

The report from Yahoo Sports is that once Mack Brown lost the support of President Powers, Mack's job was all but gone.

What could have possibly changed? Powers and Brown are longtime allies and even friends. According to an "unnamed source," Yahoo Sports speculated:

"Some of the Regents called and said, 'If you don't change coaches, we're changing our votes on you.' "

"You" of course being President Powers. Threatening one of the most successful UT President's in history just because they want to see Mack Brown gone is always a great start to any successful college football program. Not.

Unfortunately this will only make it harder to secure good recruits for Brown's job. What winning coach wants to be under the constant fear of losing their job because the President of the University is caught between a Board of Regents trying to coach a football team, and running a world class university?

Hopefully the drama will subside and Powers and can get back to doing what he does best, and UT can hopefully pick a new football coach without causing too much turmoil for the football program.

Now if only the UT Board of Regents had such strong thoughts on Rick Barnes.  

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open up the job amd they will come (0.00 / 0)
The Texas job has become a stepping stone to new contracts for coaches even mentioned in the same breath as Texas. Money is all Texas has left to offer. A tv network that must fill programming is now considered a hindrance as well as a major obstacle to stepping to a better conference. The days of,"but we are Texas" are over. With a weak conference affiliation it is tougher to recruit and any coach coming in knows they best a weak conference every year.

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