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Texas Republicans Who "Stand With Phil Robertson" The Duck Dynasty Patriarch

by: Joe Deshotel

Tue Dec 24, 2013 at 03:01 PM CST

The Duck Dynasty controversy, has been a head-to-head clash of pop-culture and politics, and has finally made its way to Texas. Most top office holders in the state like Governor Rick Perry and Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott have avoided the making any comment, but the same can't be said of those trying to break through the crowded field of conservatives to statewide office.

State Senator Ken Paxton, a candidate for Attorney General started an online petition that has gathered over 9,000 supporters so far. His campaign vowed to, "the send the support card with the list of Texas names to Phil and the Duck Dynasty clan." He appears to be taking a page from Mike Huckabee who started a Facebook event to "Stand with Phil And Support Free Speech". So far over 260,000 people have joined Huckabee's event and you can find it by visiting www.Isupportfreespeech.com. Both of Paxton's opponents also shared their support for Phil on Facebook.

For the most part Republicans attempting the capitalize off of Phil Roberson's firing haven't, made a distinction between "Stand[ing] with Phil Roberson" and "support[ing] free speech," so let's clarify. If you believe anyone should have the legally-protected right to speak their mind, then you "support free speech." If you agree with what Phil Robertson said, then you "Stand with Phil Robertson."

Click below the jump to see who else in Texas politics is using the fate of Phil to campaign...

In the race for Lt. Gov. it appears the incumbent David Dewhurst has been silent on the issue but it hasn't been over-looked by his opponents. Todd Staples asked his fans to "like" his post if they Stand with Phil, so naturally Dan Patrick had to set himself apart and go the extra mile. Senator Patrick fresh off his endorsement from the Young Conservatives of Texas, took his support to a higher level claiming God is speaking through Phil Robertson. I could quote his Facebook page but a screenshot might remove the doubt in your head that you're reading a post of Christmas satire.

Not to be outdone, and believe me it is hard to out do Dan Patrick, but...Steve Stockman. Stockman who has turned the concept of a  "liberal John Cornyn" into a parody of itself has now adopted the "I am Trayvon Martin" meme to Duck Dynasty. Stockman has also called for a boycott of A&E.

So have fun this holiday season and remember even your crazy uncle has a right to speak his mind...and run for office.

You can follow me on Twitter at @joethepleb.

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Congress passes the NDAA 2014 while half the country wants to be upset over some reality tv guy who answered what he thinks about sin in a magazine. wtf kind of answer were we expecting? and the other half wants to be upset about the people he offended.


This government, R's & D's, takes us for morons because we are. Turn the tv off - it's not your friend and neither is anyone who voted yay on this. Merry Christmas all.

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