UT Frat Goes Unpunished for Sexist and Racist Public Mural

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The fraternity that publicly displayed a mural depicting naked women in sex acts, a missile labeled “REP ANAL,” and the words “Chinese Whore House” will not receive penalties from the UT Dean of Students.

Despite numerous complaints lodged against the fraternity, UT has allowed the frat to determine their own punishment.

Unsurprisingly, the fraternity isn't jumping to enforce any meaningful sanctions or encourage a public apology, despite an alleged evaluation of the members who painted the murals.

Read more below the jump.The ZBT fraternity house, located at 28th and Salado, originally displayed a mural that depicted women performing oral sex and masturbating in preparation for an annual party.

Members of Zeta Beta Tau met with Elizabeth Medina, the assistant dean of students, to discuss the criticisms.

Eventually the fraternity painted over the mural… with all new, equally offensive cartoons. The updated artwork included a man firing a missile painted with the words “REP ANAL” toward a shirtless woman.

Apparently deciding that offending only women was not enough, the frat decided to exhibit a sign near a door that bore the words “Chinese Whore House.”

Although several students and West Campus residents filed complaints with the UT Dean of Students, the fraternity didn't even receive a slap on the wrist.

According to The Daily Texan, a staff member with the Dean of Students office met with the frat's leadership to have “a good conversation.” The office failed to level any official punishment for the racist and sexist public murals.

Natalie tweets from @nsanluis.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Texan.


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